GS1 US Membership

The moment your company obtains a GS1 Company Prefix, becomes a GS1 US Solution Partner, or joins a GS1 US Industry Initiative, you are a member. Experience the benefits that come with being a valued member of GS1 US®.

GS1 US membership is not about status; it is about greater opportunities. Members have access to a larger world of tools, knowledge, and resources to help you apply the power of standards and build your business.

More than 300,000 business—representing more than 25 industries—are already members of GS1 US. And though each has distinct challenges, all of our members share a common goal: to make the most of GS1 Standards. Visit the Members Benefits page to learn about the advantages of being a member.

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Member Benefits

See the variety and depth of benefits and services that our members receive.

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Member Services Portal

Use the member portal to access benefits and manage your membership account.

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Member Resources

Access support, tools, and other GS1 US member resources.

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Become a Member

Simply choose and complete one of these options:

Get a GS1 Company Prefix
Become a GS1 US Solution Partner
Join a GS1 US Industry Initiative: Retail Foodservice Grocery Healthcare