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Verified by GS1

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Consumer trust in your products is based on complete and accurate information.

What is Verified by GS1?

Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID

Verified by GS1 is a global solution to data quality challenges that enables brand owners and data recipients to verify the identity of a product by querying the GS1 Registry Platform.

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What “Verified by GS1” means

Verifying the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN) for each product in a global registry can strengthen trust in better product information for brand owners, data recipients, and ultimately consumers. Add to the mix six basic attributes, and now you have seven reasons to feel more confident that your product data is cleaner in your catalogs, on e-commerce sites, and in marketplaces around the world.

"We are living today in a digital world. Physical products are important, but the data related to the product is even more important. Verified by GS1 must become a stamp—we are building trust.”
— Jean-Marc Klopfenstein, Master Data Lead, Nestlé


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Within the United States, Verified by GS1 is powered by GS1 US Data Hub for brand owners (loading product data) and data recipients (querying product data). It was designed to ensure every product has a globally unique, properly constructed GTIN and six additional basic attributes that can be authenticated and validated by trading partners. This enables product data consistency between brand owners and data recipients, and improves transparency for consumers.

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Brand owners who want their data to be accurate can rely on GS1 US Data Hub to meet the requirements for Verified by GS1.

If you have licensed a company prefix from GS1 US, you have a free single-user subscription to GS1 US Data Hub to create and manage product data.

Brand Owner

Verified by GS1 powered by GS1 US Data Hub enables retailers, marketplaces, and others to verify the integrity of product listings.

All you need is a "View/Use" subscription for GS1 US Data Hub to be able to verify the identity of millions of products by querying the GS1 Registry Platform.

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Verified by GS1 indicates that GS1 has performed a limited automated logical check to confirm that the product identifier (GTIN) is properly constructed, and the GTIN is associated with a licensed prefix as recorded in the GS1 Registry Platform as well as a set of select brand attributes is present for each GTIN. GS1 US has not verified the accuracy of the select brand attributes. “Verified by GS1” does not provide a guarantee by GS1 US that the product data is current, complete or accurate. You acknowledge that your use of this data is at your own risk and GS1 US will not be responsible for any liability arising from your use of the data, even if it has a “Verified by GS1” seal associated with it.