Barcode Estimator

Did you know that each variation of each product you sell requires a unique barcode?

For example, if you make a t-shirt, but that shirt comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large), and four colors (blue, pink, purple, red), you need to identify 16 product variations (4 sizes x 4 colors = 16). If they also come in 4 packages, you'll need 64 barcodes (4 sizes x 4 colors x 4 packages = 64). 

Need more help in figuring out how many barcodes you need?  Use the barcode estimator below to plan your current and future barcoding needs, see what GS1 Company Prefix capacity best fits your needs, and estimate your pricing.

This tool will help you estimate how many barcodes you will need to create for current and future products.*

Current Products

In most cases, you'll need one barcode for every product variation. Use the Worksheet and Examples tabs for additional help.

Future Products

Total Barcodes Needed:
Prefix Capacity:
Initial Fee:
Annual Renewal Fee:

*This Estimator tool helps you estimate your barcode capacity, initial fee, and annual renewal fee to license a GS1 Company Prefix. If you enter different information into the application your fees could change based on your input. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Use this worksheet to help you determine the number of barcodes you will need. As you click the “Add To List” button, your product will appear in the list below.

Total Barcodes Needed:
Prefix Capacity:

Product List

    Take a look at the samples below to learn how to estimate the number of barcodes you need for a particular item.

    Barcode variation Example Images

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