GS1 Digital Link for Solution Providers

Offer value-added services to your brand and retail customers

GS1 Digital Link “web-enables” barcodes by providing a simple, standards-based structure for encoded data in any 2D line-of-sight data carrier. It uses simple rules so apps, websites, and POS scanners can enable connections, shopping experiences, interesting product content, and more.

What does Digital Link offer your customers?

Digital Link makes it possible for brands to web-enable products, empowering brand owners and retailers to:

  • Offer customers an easier way to access enhanced content and experiences, such as detailed ingredient or allergen information, hints and tips for product use, and recommendations
  • Avoid the complexity – and overhead – of multiple labels or codes on a single product or package
  • Flag recalled, expired, or counterfeit products in the warehouse and at the point of
  • Manage returns more effectively (for retailers)
  • Enhance product data sharing with trading partners

GS1 Digital Link offers the ability to implement in a phased approach, starting with higher-priority, easier-to-implement use cases, such as simple customer engagement at the GTIN level. From there, companies can work to build out more complex use cases based on business priorities.

Brands and retailers will be seeking technical assistance and guidance on these projects.

Working to help brands implement Digital Link

Brands need to start with foundational GS1 standards. As a GS1-certified solution provider, you can help them ensure all products have a unique GS1 identifier. Beyond that, consider how you might support brands in:

  • Creating consumer product experiences on the Internet accessed from a product’s Digital Link (digital twin, traceability information, product safety, product authentication, and more)
  • Creating APIs to allow access to brand-authorized data, such as product recall information
  • Printing and labeling for 2D Digital Link embedded data carriers
  • Creating and managing resolver functionality
  • Providing analytics and other reporting based on product-to-web connectivity
  • GS1 Digital Link consulting for brands

Working to help retailers implement Digital Link

Retailers will be working with products as they migrate to 2D data carriers containing a GS1 Digital Link product URL. Consider how you might support retailers in:

  • Creating retailer-specific web experiences that can be linked to from Digital Link through a retailer-specific app
  • Creating APIs to access brand-managed information that can be used at point-of-sale or by other systems to improve processes
  • Create and manage resolver functionality
  • Provide analytics and other reporting based on product-to-web connectivity
  • Point-of-sale hardware and software updates to meet the GS1 US Sunrise 2027 2D at POS initiative
  • Point-of-sale software enhancements to extract additional data for improved store processes, such as inventory, expiry date, and recall management
  • GS1 Digital Link consulting for retailers