Case Study: Mercy Cites Collaboration as Best Medicine

Supply chain, clinical and IT departments partner to transform OR operations with GS1 Standards

The healthcare sector is in the midst of transformative change brought about by the increasing need for careful stewardship of resources associated with emerging regulations that are defining the future of patient care and safety. Without efficiencies embedded and interwoven within their internal operations, healthcare systems will be unable to provide consistently high-quality care.

Mercy Case Study Infographic

GS1 Standards provide a solid foundation for automated and efficient operations throughout a healthcare system, but as Mercy demonstrates, collaboration is the mortar that allows its digital infrastructure to be built to address the challenges ranging from meeting regulatory requirements to care to cost containment.

“We’re working to optimize our inventory, ensuring that the products we are bringing into the OR are managed by our supply chain colleagues and that the cost per case and the charges are accurately captured and documented. This is huge for us because it’s how we both measure ourselves financially and, most importantly, document how we cared for the patient.”

Betty Jo Rocchio, Vice President for Perioperative Performance Acceleration, Mercy

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