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GS1 US Data Hub Help Center

Location Permissions

In the Administration section of GS1 US Data Hub, you can select a user from Manage User Roles, and then assign the following permissions (also referred to as Location Application Roles): 

Roles Related to the Location Approval Process:

Edit: Create and update location information.

Approval Import: When the user is importing GLNs, this enables the user to check the box for “Import location data as approved.” This is useful if your company has a separate Approver role and you want to auto-approve the locations during the import process.

Approve: The Approver accepts, rejects or cancels requests from the Editors.

Additional Roles:

Import: Import location information into GS1 US Data Hub | Location.

Location Administrator: The Location Administrator has special permissions such as adding users to GS1 US Data Hub, adding security roles, and sharing with external organizations.

GPO: The GPO role gains visibility into GPO or wholesaler-controlled GLNs. This is for Managed GLN subscribers (healthcare) only.

Audit: This role enables a user to have “view only” privileges, in which the user can see all locations managed by the organization. This user cannot edit a location.