What is a Supply Chain

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Healthcare Resources

GS1 US Data Hub supports several types of companies in the Regulated Healthcare industry: wholesale distributors, GPOs, hospitals, pharmacies, and companies making medical devices (for UDI creation).

Managed GLN subscription (GPOs and Wholesale Distributors)

For this subscription, healthcare organizations are assigned GLNs from GPOs and wholesale distributors. If you are a GPO or wholesale distributor, view the Location User Guide for Managed GLN Subscribers to get started.

Are you a hospital, healthcare provider, or pharmacy?
If you are responsible for managing your organization's GLNs in GS1 US Data Hub, or if your are interested in managing these GLNs, view the Self-Managed Checklist.


Create a Unique Device Identifier (Medical Devices)

GS1 US Data Hub | Product enables you to create the two segments of the UDI:
- Device Identifiers (DI) using Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for your Primary Device and Higher Levels of Packaging;
- Production Identifiers (PI), which are represented by GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs).

To learn how to create the UDI, view the UDI article in this Help Center.

For complete resources to determine how you are going to structure your GTIN hierarchy, view the GS1 US Unique Identification of Medical Devices page.