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Add Users and Assign Roles

When you license a GS1 Company Prefix, you receive many key roles, such as the General User Administrator. You can add multiple users to your subscription for an annual fee.

Visit the GS1 US Store to add more users.

After you subscribe to add users, visit the User Portal. Click the Add New User button, then enter the user’s email address. This will perform a check to see if the email is already active.

You can then assign roles, including the GS1 US Data Hub | Product Create/Manage role (see question below). If the Product Create/Manage role is NOT assigned, the Product link is grayed out to new users when they visit GS1 US Data Hub.

Note: Did you assign new roles to yourself? You will have to logout, then log back into GS1 US Data Hub, so you can see the added functionality.

For more details, download the GS1 US Portal User Guide.

For specific answers about logging in and adding users from an available pool of users, visit the GS1 US Frequently Asked Questions page.

You should assign the Product Create/Manage role. To assign this role to an existing user, the General User Administrator or Product Administrator can log in to the GS1 US User Portal and take these steps:

1. Locate the user, then click the user row. The User Information screen displays for the user. Scroll down and check the box for Product Create/Manage.

2. Click Save.

When the user logs in to GS1 US Data Hub, the Product tab is "enabled" - that is, the Product link will no longer be grayed out, and the user can now click Product and add a product and generate a UPC-A barcode.

This user can also maintain product data, enter higher level packaging such as cases, and export product data so it can be entered into an internal database.

Add Product Create Manage Role

An automatic e-mail invitation expires in seven days. To resend this invitation to a new user, visit the GS1 US User Portal. Select Pending next to the Users heading. This displays all "Pending" users for your company.

Locate the name of the user you want to resend the invitation to, and click the Resend Invitation link in the row for the desired user.

No, you can visit the Administration area of GS1 US Data Hub to:

- Enable Messaging within GS1 US Data Hub;
- Enable the Location Approval Process;
- Assign Location Approval Process Security Roles;
- Change product and location sharing settings;
- Manage your company profile (Managed GLN subscription)
- Manage location transfers (Managed GLN subscription)
- Upload products via the Enterprise Edition subscription

From the User Portal main screen for your company, select the desired user. If your company has multiple users, you can enter a few letters of the user’s first name, last name or e-mail in the Search box, then click the search icon to display matching users. Click the user’s row to view the user profile screen.

Click the Remove from Company link. Confirm information in the modal window is correct.  Click OK to confirm. This user has now been removed from this company account.

Remove from Company link

User Portal Guide:

Admin User Guide: