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Location Approval Process

GS1 US Data Hub provides a “Location Approval Process” that enables your organization to apply an approval workflow when locations and parties are created or updated.

Location Approval Process

First, you need to enable the Approval Process. Then you can assign roles to users, such as the "Edit" role for creating and editing GLNs, and the "Approve" role for approving or rejecting these changes. Follow the steps below.

This module outlines the steps for enabling the Location Approval process. Written instructions are below.

1. Click Administration from the GS1 US Data Hub navigation bar.

Administration link

2. Under the Location, General Settings area, click Select. Check the Box for Enable Approval Process, then click the Save button. 

3. Click the Administration link again and under Security, click the Manage User Roles link. Click a specific user, assign one of the following roles under Location, and click Save:

Edit: user is an “Editor” who can create and update location information.
Import: user is an "Importer" who can import multiple GLNs.
Approval Import: user can import location data as approved. This is useful if your company has a separate “Approver” role, and you don’t want that person’s mailbox to receive an approval request for each location you are importing. 
Approve: user is an “Approver” and can accept, reject or cancel requests from “Editors” or “Importers.”  

4. The Approval Process is now enabled, and users have received their specific roles. When the users click Location on the main navigation bar, two Approval Process tabs display on the Managed Locations page:

Edits in Progress: 
Editors have saved edits but have not yet clicked Submit for Approval.

Pending Approvals: 
Editors clicked Submit for Approval and GLNs now await Approvers to either “Approve” or “Reject” these changes.

Location Approval Process Tabs

This module explains how users with the "Edit" and "Approve" roles can use the Location Approval process. Written instructions are below.

1. Editors: 
After making changes to a location or party, click the Edits in Progress tab. Click the GLN, then the Submit for Approval button. This GLN moves to the Pending Approvals tab.

2. Approvers:
Click the Pending Approvals tab to view GLNs that have been submitted for approval. 

- If you approve these changes, click the Approve button; 

- If you do NOT approve these changes, click the Reject button. You must then provide a comment for the Editor.

Submit for approval button
Approve button

The GLN is returned to the My Locations page. Editors can review comments by clicking the Approval History tab, and make any changes.

Note: If you are importing GLN data, check the box for Import locations as approved so that the Approver does not need to approve each of the GLNs being entered.

Import as approved