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Supply Chain Visibility Summit 2023

Strategies for Resilience and Transformation

The Value of Visibility

In this summit, you’ll hear from industry leaders on how they’re solving new and existing business challenges with traceability pilots, best practices for managing inventory, sustainability programs in progress, regulatory requirements, and more.

Supply chain experts will share visibility strategies for:

Learn about inventory management at the Supply Chain Visibility Summit.

Inventory Management

Learn about Patient and Consumer Safety.

Patient and Consumer Safety

Learn about Digital Transformation at the Supply Chain Visibility Summit.

Digital Transformation


  • Angela Fernandez, Vice President of Community Engagement, GS1 US
  • Ryan Richard, Vice President of Community Engagement, GS1 US

Solving business challenges often means breaking new ground. When industry works together, we can increase the speed and scale of innovation, and value for all stakeholders. Industry leaders, government regulators, industry associations, solution providers are brought together by GS1 US to not only solve shared industry problems but move industry forward. By facilitating the exchange of common visibility data, GS1 Standards help make a resilient supply chain possible.

  • Renee Perry, Vice President of Quality Assurance, Food Safety & Compliance, Culinary Collaborations LLC
  • Lindsay Savage, Senior Director CPG Data Governance and Business Platforms, Georgia-Pacific
  • Gwen Volpe, Senior Director Medication Technology, Fresenius Kabi
  • Liz Sertl, Senior Director of Community Engagement, Supply Chain Visibility, GS1 US

From paper to sushi, Liz Sertl, senior director community engagement, supply chain visibility at GS1 US will lead a panel highlighting how to solve for traceability and inventory challenges using location identification and data sharing standards. Panelists include Lindsay Savage, senior director CPG data governance and business platforms at Georgia-Pacific, Gwen Volpe, senior director medication technology, Fresenius Kabi and Renee Perry, vice president of quality assurance, food safety & compliance, Culinary Collaborations LLC.

  • Hilary Thesmar, Chief Science Officer and SVP food and product safety, FMI (The Food Industry Association)
  • Liz Sertl, Senior Director of Community Engagement, Supply Chain Visibility, GS1 US

Today’s supply chain challenges can almost always be tied back to a lack of visibility. Because of paper-based record-keeping and fragmented data systems, achieving real-time supply chain visibility has been difficult. For the food supply chain, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) 204 is putting a spotlight on the need and benefits of digitized data in order to easily exchange information with trading partners or with regulators. Liz Sertl, senior director of community engagement, supply chain visibility, GS1 US is joined by Hilary Thesmar, Chief Science Officer and SVP food and product safety, FMI (The Food Industry Association) To discuss the right questions you can ask your organization to create a traceability plan and optimize processes, leveraging the use of GS1 Standards.

  • Kevin Capatch, Director Process Engineering, Geisinger Health System
  • Mike Schiller, CMRP, Senior Director of Supply Chain, American Hospital Association & AHRMM
  • Tracy Nasarenko, Senior Director of Community Engagement, Healthcare, GS1 US

Regulation impacts both medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. as it does across the world. The U.S. FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) Rule is aimed to identify medical devices sold in the United States from manufacturing through distribution to patient use. Similarly, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has its final milestone November of this year which will require item-level serialized traceability in an interoperable manner across the US pharmaceutical industry. Tracy Nasarenko, senior director of community engagement, healthcare, GS1 US is joined by Kevin Capatch, director process engineering, Geisinger Health System and Mike Schiller, CMRP, senior director of supply chain, American Hospital Association & AHRMM to uncover how global data standards for product identification support the industry to meet these regulatory requirements while providing a window into product inventory, orders, location, usage, and end of life, all in real time. The visibility benefits all stakeholders in the healthcare system—delivering operational efficiencies, inventory control, and course, the ultimate gain - patient safety by enabling faster, accurate, efficient removal of product when they expire or if they are recalled.

  • Gena Morgan, Vice President of Standards, GS1 US
  • Vivian Tai, Senior Director of Innovation, GS1 US
  • Jon Gregory, Director of Community Engagement, GS1 US

Explore use cases, trends and opportunities to meet the demands for a more sustainable supply chain. Learn how persistent identification along with advanced data carriers such as RFID and 2D can help shape and drive consumer engagement as well as efficiency and interoperability.

Interact, Listen, and Learn

Watch sessions to learn how to: 

  • Increase the speed and scale of innovation as well as value through collaboration with trading partners
  • Gain efficiencies and improve consumer and patient safety with improved traceability 
  • Reduce friction with digitization when exchanging data in your supply chain  
  • Unlock the additional value of data requirements for regulatory compliance 
  • See how improved visibility can set you up for future success when it comes to sustainability, automation, consumer engagement, and more. 

Who should attend:

Supply chain functional and core operation experts who handle master data and inventory management, business leaders, and extended supply chain team members in product marketing, technology, and digital roles.