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GS1 US RFID Implementation Program

Looking for practical guidance to implement RAIN RFID* powered by GS1 Standards? The GS1 US RFID Implementation Program provides education and community support to help you utilize Electronic Product Code (EPC)-enabled RFID to enhance your operations. From understanding different use cases all the way to tagging your products – this program will help all stakeholders in your business learn more about RFID technology, the critical role of GS1 Standards, and the steps you can take to successfully implement.

With a yearly subscription, your company will get access to:

  • The GS1 US Cross-Industry RFID Discussion Group, where you can hear from peers on their implementations, gain insight into how RFID–based solutions can address business challenges, and take a leading role in driving widespread and transformational change with RFID.
  • On-demand education modules that are specifically designed to help anyone at any level in your company learn (or relearn) RFID concepts particular to their implementation role.

On-Demand Education Modules:

Introducing the Value of RFID

To capture product identity at scale and at the speed of business, many organizations are exploring RAIN RFID. This webinar will introduce you to EPC-enabled RFID, how GS1 Standards power it, and the value it can bring value to your company.

Demystifying RFID Technology

While RAIN RFID has been around for decades, the technology that powers it is still new to many.  This webinar will introduce the technical details of RFID and explain the key elements you need to get started.

Developing a Robust RFID Implementation Program

RAIN RFID powered by GS1 Standards can help your organization unlock a new set of powerful capabilities. This webinar will help you better understand what is needed to develop a complete, successful, and evergreen RFID implementation program that moves at the speed of business.

Using GS1 Standards for Supply Chain Visibility

GS1 Standards enable total supply chain visibility—helping to understand exactly where things are, at a specific point in time, and why. Central to this is the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) Standard which enables trading partners to share their view of objects on their journey across the supply chain. Grounded in the physical events of the actual world, EPCIS is a data-sharing standard that breaks down data siloes to enable visibility across systems and organizations.

Engineering RFID for Success

This webinar will introduce an array of advanced technical topics regarding the engineering of RAIN RFID solutions. Such topics include the physics of RFID, tag features, and reader commands. 

Sign up for the GS1 US RFID Implementation Program to begin your journey and start unlocking all of the benefits of EPC-enabled RFID.

Want to learn more?

*What is RAIN RFID?

Radio frequency identification or RFID is a technology that enables the sharing of data encoded in RFID tags via RFID scanners. The term RAIN RIFD specifies use of the UHF frequency band, which leverages the GS1 air interface protocol to communicate with tags.

GS1 refers to “RAIN RFID” tags in this document whenever making reference to UHF RFID tags. NOTE: Within the UHF RFID technology space, GS1 only endorses RAIN RFID implementations that are encoded per GS1’s EPC standards (which is a subset of all RAIN RFID implementations).