Introduction to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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Are you focused on delivering the perfect order—on time, complete, damage free with the correct invoicing? Avoid manual order processing with EDI.

EDI helps automate your receiving and distribution business processes, which can provide your organization with the real-time inventory visibility needed to deliver the superior customer experience that today’s buyers demand. It helps achieve operational savings from process improvements to normal business operations—such as order, delivery, invoice, payment, warehouse and inventory processes—enabling you to have a clear view of the end-to-end order lifecycle.

This e-learning course will help you learn:

  • What EDI is, how it works, and when it is the right choice for sharing data with your trading partners
  • Which GS1 Standards can be used with EDI
  • How to get started with EDI
  • How EDI helps support your supply chain data sharing business processes, including but not limited to order-to-cash and pay-to-procure

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for all supply chain parties who are seeking a beginner’s overview of EDI, including, but not limited to:

  • EDI coordinators or specialists
  • Business owners who have been requested to transact using EDI, or business function owners—such as the company buyer or accounts payable/receivable area
  • Brand, supplier, manufacturer and retailer team members who are involved in EDI and data management as well as those who work in data integration

Cost: $79