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GS1 Standards for Food Traceability Online Certificate Course

Enhance your food safety, supply chain visibility and operational efficiencies

  • Are you looking for expert guidance on establishing or enhancing your traceability program? The GS1 Standards for Food Traceability Certificate Course offers 11 on-demand learning modules to help you understand: 

    • The importance of globally unique identification of products and locations – as the foundation of effective traceability
    • How to implement case-level traceability with the use of GS1-128 barcodes 
    • What key data elements (KDEs) need to be captured and shared at critical tracking events (CTEs)
  • GS1 Standards for Food Traceability

Who Should Sign Up

U.S. fresh foods supply chain professionals who are involved in implementing traceability programs that improve product visibility and enhance food safety. All fresh food trading partners, from point of origin to point of consumption, can benefit from the material in this course. In addition, this course may also be useful to exporters and importers in the U.S. fresh foods market.

This course will help you learn:

  • The fundamentals of improving product visibility from source to consumption
  • How to enhance food safety by leveraging unique product identification for quick and precise recalls
  • What tools and resources are available to help you enable supply chain visibility

Course Outline

The Traceability Online Certificate Course includes:

  • Overview of GS1 Standards
  • Standards in Fresh Foods
  • Application of unique product identification in various fresh food categories
  • Use and benefits of Identify, Capture and Share in traceability
  • GS1 Standards for Supply Chain Traceability
  • Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and Key Data Elements (KDEs)
  • Best practices for establishing and enhancing effective traceability programs
  • Available tools and resources to support traceability implementations



Volume pricing for teams of 5, 10, 25, or 100 are also available!

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When you successfully complete a GS1 US Certificate Course, you can earn an important credential in the use of GS1 Standards. You can also add this new skill to your online resume with a GS1 US Badge and share it via social media.

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