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Get Started Guide

Our guide is the place to get started if you want to identify your products to sell in stores or online. And if you’re already selling your products, the guide offers other opportunities to expand your use of GS1 Standards.

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GS1 Foundations Online Certificate Course

This self-paced course includes six on-demand modules to cover the principles of globally unique product identification, product hierarchies, Package Measurement Rules, and the GTIN Management Standard.

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GS1 Company Prefix, Barcodes, and Identification

Learn about your GS1 Company Prefix, how to create barcodes, and how to identify products and locations.

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My Account

How to update your company information, pay fees, and renew your membership.

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Update Prefix Registration

Manage changes in your company name, address, and ownership.

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Logging In

Learn about your user name and password to access myGS1 US and GS1 US Data Hub®, and how to manage users.

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Helpful Tools and Resources

Learn more about your membership tools and resources.

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