GS1 Barcodes Are Accepted by Major Retailers Worldwide Both Online and In Stores

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“ Our manufacturer told us you’re going to need a barcode if you want to work with retailers. We came across GS1 US and realized it was the most trusted option.”

- Allison White, Scout Cart founder

Retailers Recommend GS1 Barcodes

Successful Businesses Recognize the Value of GS1 UPCs

Here's What Business Owners Say:

45% Say - U.P.C.s are a primary driver of business growth


57% Say - U.P.C.s make our products more discoverable online


59% Say - We've seen a correlation between complete product information & number of products sold


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  • Preparing for the November 2019 DSCSA Milestone?

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In this publication, the letters “UPC” are used solely as an abbreviation for the “Universal Product Code”, which is a product identification system. They do not refer to the UPC, which is a federally registered certification mark of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to certify compliance with a Uniform Plumbing Code as authorized by IAPMO.