GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative Workgroups

Get involved to foster broad collaboration and help shape the future of the retail industry

GS1 US® launched the GS1 Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative following the 2012 merger with Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions® (VICS®). Today 100+ retailers, marketplaces, brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, solution providers, and academic institutions participate in Initiative activities—with a shared focus using GS1 Standards to improve inventory accuracy, exchange standardized product data, and achieve traceability.

By participating, you can take an active role in driving positive change and innovation in your industry.

Choose how to contribute:

  • Improving efficiencies
  • Driving inventory accuracy
  • Supporting better data quality between trading partners to automate business processes

No matter how you participate, all members share the same ultimate goal: enabling seamless omni-channel fulfillment and shopping experiences.

Why join our targeted workgroups?

Joining a workgroup allows you can get involved, foster broad collaboration, and make a difference—no matter your focus or expertise. As a participant, help identify challenges, explore solutions, and create adoption plans for:

This workgroup develops and deploys industry-specific guidance and best practices for sharing product attributes and images between trading partners providing complete and accurate product data for omni-channel visibility.

Focuses on streamlining the current GS1 US Size and Color Code tables and understanding utilization of the tools to enhance functionality and future administration.

Examines the linkages between GS1 Standards and supply chain success so that investments in unique identification and quality data can help companies work toward full visibility and transparency.

Bringing together stakeholders from various industries, this discussion group will examine the importance of leveraging investments in global standards and how GS1 Standards with RFID technology supports supply chain and inventory management imperatives.

Focuses on industry readiness including education, awareness, support, and capabilities associated with using 2D barcodes, as well as alignment on tools to support industry with the Sunrise.

To participate in any of these Workgroups, you will need to join the Initiative. To begin the process, please complete the application below. If your company is already a member of the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative, please contact us at and we would be happy to help you get started.