Case Study: Macy’s Returns Made Easier

Reverse Advance Shipping Notice Revolutionizes Returns to Vendor

Merchandise returns—and the associated credits, inventory updates and reconciliation—challenge suppliers and retailers alike. Many trading partners continue to use manual processes, which can double the amount of time and cost—impacting each trading partner’s ability to manage inventory, labor, accounts payable, inventories, orders, and receivables.

Using the GS1 System of Standards and electronic data interchange (EDI) communications, Macy’s, Inc. and a major non-apparel manufacturer have revolutionized the automated returns process using the Return to Vendor Advance Shipping Notice (RTV ASN or reverse ASN).

Reverse ASN

"The RTV ASN process has strengthened communication with our stores, providing improved visibility to store inventories to help identify issues in a more timely manner."

Kris Whitney Vice President, Accounts Payable Macy’s, Inc.

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