Case Study: Beaver Street Fisheries Outswims the Big Fish

Taking a deep dive into solid data governance

Data cascades from the point of origin to a warehouse, a distribution center, and a processing plant to other distribution points—all connected by shippers, to a stockroom, a frozen food aisle and into a consumer’s hands. Everywhere along the way, inaccurate product data can churn up waves of problems.

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“[The need for product information] just literally exploded. First it was our trading partners moving items through the supply chain, but today it’s getting this information to the end user. People rightfully want to know what they’re eating, where it was caught. There’s the traceability aspect and food safety mandates. Then there’s the marketing aspect: they want the “glamour” shot, they need a plated shot, they need all of these things that we have to synchronize." 

Ray M. Poinsette, Director of Process Improvement, Beaver Street Fisheries

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