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How GS1 US works with Small Business      

  • Whether you are bringing your product to market for the first time or taking your company to the next level, see how GS1 US makes it easier to do business

    GS1 US® helps more than 280,000 small businesses to do business better. We help improve identifying, capturing, and sharing your product information. Through GS1 Standards and leveraging GS1 US’ experience, we can help you run your business with greater efficiency, enhance product safety, and much more.

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GS1 US Data Hub® | Product

For small businesses, GS1 US Data Hub | Product is an essential online tool that takes the guesswork out of creating product identifiers and barcodes—helping the small business avoid costly mistakes

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Learn how to move your business forward with GS1 Standards and GS1 US University.

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  • Do You Know How Many Barcodes You Need?

    Use our barcode estimator tool to discover how many product variations you have!

Barcode Questions? We've Got Answers!

At GS1 US, your success is important to us. We want to make sure you're putting your best products forward, and that includes the product barcode. We've reated videos to answer your most frequently asked Questions and to help you understand your barcodes!

GS1 US Small Business Success Stories

  • Herman Kay

    Herman Kay Co.

    Find out how Herman Kay partnered with GS1 US to implement RFID in their fulfillment process, ensuring that the right customers received the right shipments.

  • Blessing Basket

    The Blessing Basket

    To uniquely identify each woven basket, Blessing Basket assigns a GS1 GTIN, which is encoded in a U.P.C. barcode that is printed on the label applied to the basket.

  • Success Crane

    Crane USA

    Crane USA partnered with DiCentral, a GS1 US Solution Partner, and leveraged the GS1 System of Standards to build an automated order management solution.

  • Herbal Destination & Voodoo Ride

    Two small, growing businesses, were working to expand their distribution channels to include large, national retailers. Each was using barcodes purchased from online barcode sellers

  • SunFed

    With help from HarvestMark and GS1 Standards, SunFed has made case- and item-level traceability an integral part of its business and has full visibility of its produce traveling from fields to kitchens.


    GS1 US Data Hub | Product (formerly Data Driver) enables smaller size companies to trade products with larger retailers.There is no need to invest in a lot of training on GS1 Standards, since the tool complies with the standards and facilitates the creation of GS1 standard-compliant barcodes.

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  • Solution Provider Finder

    Need help creating, printing and verifying your barcodes? Search this database of GS1 US-certified experts to help you create barcodes and put them on your products.

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  • Get Help from Experts

    Need help creating, printing, and verifying your barcodes? Search this database of GS1 US-certified experts to help you create barcodes and put them on your products.


  • Retail Industry Product Information Management. Retail industry created best practices for naming, identification, management, and sharing of product images and data attributes. A consistent model to support omni-channel commerce and enhance speed-to-market product availability. Eliminate existing manual/labor intensive processes and get products online sooner.
  • Guideline: Bill of Lading. The objective of standardizing the BOL is to help ensure that the shipper, carrier and consignee are all getting the information they need for the processing of the goods through the supply chain. This is intended for LTL & TL ground transport within the U.S. Download the Guideline PDF (3.4 MB)
  • GS1 Global Attribute Explorer. An Intuitive, Browser-Based Product Information Search and Discovery Tool. View the overview page

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