Case Study: Herman Kay Co.

Satisfying customers and optimizing business efficiencies with EPC-enabled RFID

Taking a customer-first approach, Herman Kay partnered with GS1 US and several solution providers to implement RAIN RFID and GS1 Standards at every step of their internal fulfillment process—optimizing operations and increasing internal confidence levels that the right garments, in the right sizes and colors, have been delivered to the right customers.

“At Herman Kay, our goal is to be 100 percent error free when it comes to fulfilling orders for our customers. That’s why we started using EPC-enabled item level RFID -- to help us verify the accuracy of picked items for orders.

GS1 Standards have been part of our business for many years. Every major retailer is our customer and without the use of standards, we wouldn’t survive as their supplier.

RFID offers our customers remarkable visibility into their inventory and allows them to know right down to the last piece of inventory, exactly what they have and where it is. It gives us an opportunity to do what we do even better.”

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