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DateIn The NewsSource
January 4thBlockchain technology: Is it ready for prime time?Food Engineering
January 7thInventory Control 101: Helpful Methods and Best Practices To Keep Accurate CountsShopify
January 11thBlockchain’s Leap Forward in 2022The Food Engineering Podcast
January 26th2022 Imperative: Building Supply Chain ResilienceConsumer Goods Technology
January 26th3 Action Items to Include on Your Product Launch ChecklistSmall Business Currents
January 28thWalmart Re-Commits to RFIDRFID Journal
February 01stQ&A on evolving UPC barcodes, with GS1 USSnack Food & Wholesale Bakery
February 04thThe Future of Resilient Supply Chains Is CircularInformation Week
February 07thTech tools to help processors make sense of today’s supply chainFood Engineering
February 08thBeyond Sustainability: A Circular Approach to Supply Chain ResilienceSupplyChainBrain
February 10thWhy the Food Supply Chain Is StrainedFood Quality & Safety
February 11thSmarter barcodes are coming to a store near youRetail Wire
March 01stDiversifying Channels to Become a Retail Power PlayerVerizon
March 13thMichelle Covey Of GS1 US: 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful E-commerce BusinessAuthority Magazine
March 15thDSCSA’s Next Big HurdleBio Pharm International
March 18thAdvancing Supply Chain Visibility to Reach New Levels of Food SafetyGFSI Blog
April 22ndGS1 US Publishes Barcode Capabilities Test Kit, Interview with Senior VP Carrie WilkieGOAT Consulting
April 22ndGTINs, UPCs, and Amazon – The Complete GuideLunch With Norm Blog
April 27thFlipping the Switch on DSCSA InteroperabilityPharmaceutical Commerce
April 28thFood Companies Creating Sophisticated Traceability TechThe Food Institute
May 04thThe future of ‘phygital’ retail experiences: A strategic CX guide360 Magazine
May 04thFrequently Asked Questions about GS1: The Global Language of BusinessShipSage
May 09thNew GS1 RFID Guideline, ExplainedMulti Channel Merchant
May 10thPreparing for New Food Safety MandatesFood Safety Magazine
May 11thManaging Inventory with Quality Data and AutomationModern Restaurant Management
May 11thThree Trends Driving Development of a Circular EconomySupplyChainBrain
May 18th5 reasons your online product needs a UPC barcode to succeedEntrepreneurs' Organization
May 27thGTINs, U.P.C.S, And Amazon – Everything You Need To KnowNational Inventor Club
June 01stHow to Avoid the Pitfalls of AutomationReworked
June 02ndA Look at FDA’s Foodborne Outbreak Response Improvement PlanFood Quality & Safety
June 16thTwo-Dimensional Barcodes: The Gateway to Limitless Product InformationBarcoding Blog
June 29thGS1 US Vice President of Community Engagement Talks Food TraceabilityQuality Assurance & Food Safety
July 01stNew Guideline Aimed at RFID for Claims ComplianceRFID Journal
July 06thAll You Need To Know About GS1 BarcodesHelium 10
July 14thThe tiny UPC had a giant role in retail's evolution. It's going 2-D nextThe Current
July 18thAn interview with GS1 US: What does the future hold for supply chains?Loftware
August 3rdSupply Chain Data Is Key to Solving Global Food CrisisSupply Chain Brain
August 31stExclusive Q&A: GS1 U.S. highlights the path to digital maturityChain Store Age
AugustSupply Chain Data Is Key to SolvingA Disciplined Approach to Data Quality is Essential to Healthcare’s FutureFood CrisisMedical Design Briefs
September 8thFood Safety and Transparency Are the Lifeblood for OperatorsModern Restaurant Management
September 12thDiscounts could fuel unprecedented holiday shopping seasonAxios
October 3rdSeparating Fact From Fiction in Food SafetyFood Logistics
October 7thHow Standardizing the Supply Chain Could Improve Bottom LinesSupply & Demand Chain Executive
October 6th5 ways to create more sustainable supply chainsInnovators in Commerce & Delivery
October 6thInnovations Beyond the Barcode: What Lies AheadInnovators in Commerce & Delivery Podcast By Fluent Commerce
October 17thStandards Group Provides RFID Guidelines for Food ServicesRFID Journal
October 20thMelanie Nuce Of GS1 US On What We Must Do To Create Nationally Secure And Resilient Supply ChainsAuthority Magazine
November 01stFour ways companies can create more sustainable supply chainsFast Company
November 01stHitting the Big Time: Are You Ready for Retail?Range Me
November 07thThe Benefits Of Standards For Supply Chain - A Chat With GS1 US' Melanie NuceThe Digital Supply Chain Podcast
November 15thThree Savvy Steps to Conquer CommerceInc.
November 15thThe Benefits of (The Right) BarcodeInc.
November 16thSupply Chain Transparency and Traceability with Reid Jackson of GS1-USAquademia Podcast
November 18thPodcast with GS1 US: More Than Just a BarcodeEcwid Ecommerce Show Podcast
November 22ndEpisode 182: Getting your GTIN and UPC's on Amazon done right with GS1Smartest Amazon Seller Podcast
November 23rdHow GS1 GTINs Can Power Your Ecommerce Business Across Platforms and MarketplacesEcwid Blog
November 25th4 Ways to Win Online SalesSmall Business Currents
November 29thEpisode 8: Responding To The Labor CrisisCSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly Supply Chain in the Fast Lane Podcast

DateIn The NewsSource
January 06thCareers on the Move: The Importance of Data Standards in Emerging Technologies and the Supply Chain.Market Scale
January 22ndSingle Quantity GTIN - GS1 US Launches New Offering Tailored Toward Brands on AmazonGoat Consulting
January 25thFor PVH & GS1, Driving Innovation Means Regularly Ditching the PlaybookConsumer Goods Technology
January 26thStreamlining e-Commerce Business Operations Through GS1 StandardsBuy Box Experts
January 28thImproving traceability and inventory management with 2D barcodes in retailFood & Beverage Magazine
February 01stRobots Move From Industrial World to Everyday LifeSupply Chain Brain
February 08thBuilding a More Transparent Healthcare Supply Chain with UDIOrthopedic Design & Technology
February 11thBlockchain Predictions for Health Care in 2021Blockchain in Healthcare Today
February 12thHow RFID Powers Retail: Past, Present and FutureRetail Touch Points
February 18thGS1 US: Raising the Bar(code)One World Identity
February 19thSkating from behind the eight-ballHealthcare Purchasing News
March 05thPreparing for Traceability Regulations and Supply Chain DigitizationGFSI Blog
March 23rdGS1 - Everything you need to know but were afraid to askMister Beacon Podcast
March 25thThree Tips for Conducting a Mock Recall in the New Era of Smarter Food SafetyRefrigerated and Frozen Food
March 29thMarch 2021 Guest Opinion: 3 Ways to Improve Consumer Experiences in the Age of COVID-19Internet of Business
April 01stTroubleshooting GTIN IssuesSeller Performance Solutions Podcast
April 06thIndustry Leaders Coming Together to Advance RFID for Claims ComplianceRVCF
April 07thProviding Safe Food in an Unsafe WorldFood Logistics
April 07thOne Year Later: The Pandemic’s Impact on the Food Supply ChainManufacturing Business Technology
April 12thCPG Packaging Needs Safety, Technology, SustainabilityFood Logistics
April 13thParachains and the Internet of BlockchainsTechopedia
April 14thProduct Identification 101: Everything You Need to Know About UPCs on AmazonBlack Label Advisor
April 20thCan The Food Supply Chain Handle Another Ketchup Shortage?Market Scale
April 22ndGS1 US: supply chain blockchain has evolved, interoperability isn’t optionalLedger Insights
April 23rdThe GTIN – the Number Behind the Barcode – Was Developed 50 Years Ago and Transformed the Global EconomyGoat Consulting
April 28thSupply chains’ future is circular: reportLuxury Daily
April 30thIntelligence In Motion: Predicting The Next Supply Chain DisruptionForbes
May 02ndTrack-and-Trace Progress Benefits Supply-Chain Security EffortsPharm Tech
May 07thHow Entrepreneurs Are Combining Data and Tech to Compete With Large RetailersEntrepreneur
May 13thA Conversation with FDA about Tech-Enabled TraceabilityFMI Blog
May 13thThese 3 Entrepreneurs Share Tips for Overcoming E-Commerce Product Launch ObstaclesStartup Nation
May 13thThe Power of Collaboration in a Vendor-Neutral Environment: An Interoperability StoryHyperledger
May 18thHow Does A Globally Complex Supply Chain Impact Food SafetyGFSI Blog
May 20thSeller Sessions - Amazon FBA and Private LabelSeller Sessions Podcast
May 25thUsing drug, supply data standards to make MVPs out of MVCsHealthcare Purchasing News
May 25thCOVID-19 vaccine shots setting, bending bar on data standardsHealthcare Purchasing News
May 27thThe Biggest Roadblocks on the Way to Digital TransformationManufacturing Business Technology
June 01stWhere AI, Blockchain and IoT are NowQuality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine
June 02ndLight at the End of the Tunnel: Serialization of Pharmaceutical Products Nearly CompletePharmaceutical Outsourcing
June 02ndMichelle Covey ─ Helping companies achieve source-to-store supply chain visibility and ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time for today’s real-time digital economy...IT Wondrous Women
June 04thGS1 Standards and Amazon: A Crash CourseProventus
June 07thHow Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Prime Day OpportunitiesSupply Chain Technology News
June 16th4 Common E-Commerce Mistakes New Online Sellers MakeAll Business
June 16thThe march to DSCSA interoperabilityPharmaceutical Commerce
June 21st3 Reasons You Need an Authentic BarcodeYahoo Small Business
July 01stTrack-and-Trace Progress Benefits Supply-Chain Security EffortsBio Pharm International
July 02ndGS1 VP Outlines 3 Steps to Master ‘Revenge Spending'Sourcing Journal
July 03rdStartupNation Radio: Entrepreneurs Share How to Make it Big on AmazonStartup Nation Radio
July 04thThe Key to Supply Chain Resiliency Could Be a Circular ApproachManufacturing Net
July 06thA Deeper Dive into Interoperability: Exploring the Flow of Data in the Seafood Supply ChainFood Safety Magazine
August 04thEntrepreneurs Disrupt Wasteful Supply Chain PracticesEntrepreneur
August 26thCOVID-19, One Year Later: The New Era of Smarter Food Safety BlueprintFood Logistics
September 13thSmall Business Drive and Passion: What Keeps an Entrepreneur Going?Startup Nation
September 15thAre Retailers In Tune With What Today's Consumers Want?Retail IT Insights
September 15thCoworking with Amy ReiterRetail Brew
September 16thIs Blockchain a Game Changer for Food Safety?Refrigerated & Frozen Food
September 21stStandardizing traceability in foodservice bakery and manufacturing industrySnack Food & Wholesale Bakery
September 23rdWhy Authentic Product Identification is More Important than EverBarcoding Blog
September 24thHow to Avoid Common E-Commerce Product Launch MistakesCrowdspring
October 26thMeet the 2021 Impact Award WinnersInnovation Leader
October 26thBailey Video Podcast: How Can Leadership Help Drive Brand Purpose?Bailey Brand Consulting Podcast
November 03rdProject $50M: Unlocking Revenue With Omnichannel SalesBrain Yard
November 10thHow Small Brands and Entrepreneurs Can Navigate the New Era of Digital RetailEntrepreneur
November 11thFrom Fragile to Agile: How To Keep Food Safe Amid a Supply Chain CrisisFood Processing
November 19thSerialization on a Global Scale: Deep Dive into the US DSCSA and EU FMD – Regulatory | Part 4Pharm Tech
November 23rdQwick Takes: The impact of low inventory on holiday shoppersTalking Biz News
December 03rdFaster! Humanity's Quest to Save TimeCuriosity Stream
December 04thBuilding Your Business With UPCs And GTINsE-commerce Boardroom
December 07thGetting started with blockchainFood Engineering
December 13thFrom Bad to Worse to Better: How Today’s State of Supply Chains Present Bright FutureFood Logistics
December 14thHow warehouse automation robotics transformed the supply chainSearch Enterprise AI - Tech Target
December 14thCan We Prevent Another Supply Crisis Like 2020?24x7 Magazine
December 20thFrom Bad to Worse to Better: How Monitoring Technologies Aid in TraceabilityFood Logistics