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Become a GS1 US Certified Content Provider

Small businesses need your expertise to sell online

There are thousands of small businesses that don't know how to do what you do! They need your help with retailer readiness, building product content and images, marketing, gaining exposure and understanding compliance and packaging laws.

GS1 US has created an avenue for these small businesses to find you, through the GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program. This program connects you with companies that are actively searching for help in these areas.

a Certified Content Provider

Why You?

As a company that operates in this space regularly, there's no one more qualified than you to help small businesses achieve their dreams!

  • You understand the challenges small businesses face and are equipped to meet their needs
  • You can help keep retailer requirements straight and up to date
  • You can provide enhanced product information directly back to their GS1 US Data Hub® | Product listing
  • You can help them understand relevant regulations and avoid compliance nightmares
small businesses
value-added digital agency services

What's in it For You?

  • Access new GTINs real-time via GS1 US Data Hub
  • Promote your value-added digital agency services to suppliers
  • Drive new brand owner business
  • Take advantage of GS1 US Solution Partner Benefits – Use the GS1 US Certified Content Provider trustmark on your website and collateral


  • Be a GS1 US Solution Partner Program member in good-standing
  • Have at least one designated individual from your company achieve the GS1 US Digital Listing Content Professional status by attending the following classroom training courses and passing the professional designation exam for each
    • GS1 Standards Professional
    • GS1 Package Measurement Rules Professional
    • GS1 US Digital Listing Content Professional
  • Subscribe to GS1 US Data Hub for Product, Company, and API
  • Sign GS1 US Certified Content Provider Agreement

Join our growing list of Certified Content Providers:

  • Label Insight
  • Syndigo

Interested in what the GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program can do for you?

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