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In today’s e-commerce environment, it is more important than ever that business partners speak the same language when it comes to product data.

The GS1 US Color and Size Codes give retailers, vendors, and manufacturers a common language for product color and size identification that supplements the master data conveyed by sharing GTINs. This ensures that product data can be quickly and appropriately identified and classified.

As a solution provider of the GS1 Color and Size Codes you can help industry members gain access to and integrate the standardized color and size codes, which will ultimately lead to more efficient supply chain processes, increasing sales for both the supplier and the retailer.

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  • Expand your service offering and help retailers and suppliers attain more efficient item set-up processes
  • Access to real-time updates to the standardized color and size codes
  • Improved customer relationships
Requirements & Pricing

Requirements & Pricing

  • Sign GS1 US Color & Size Code Agreement
  • Pay $30,000 annual subscription fee
  • Implement API integration

Join our growing list of GS1 US Color & Size Codes providers:

  • InterTrade
  • OpenText
  • SPS Commerce

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