GS1 US Advisory Services for the Retail Industry

Customized support to enable omni-channel success and supply chain excellence

To meet customer expectations, it’s more important than ever to have the right product in the right place at the right time.

For help, turn to GS1 US®. Through our advisory services, consultants blend technical and business expertise to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating the GS1 System of Standards into operations

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Education and Implementation Support

Customers asked us for a trusted, open, and flexible partner. They told us they need resources with a keen understanding of GS1 Standards—and how to apply them in the retail supply chain.

So we built a team of impartial apparel, general merchandise, and hardlines retail industry specialists. With a powerful blend of innovation, experience, and know-now, they support retailers, marketplaces, suppliers, brand owners, manufacturers, and solution providers in achieving their go-to-market omni-channel objectives. The program:

  • Delivers a precise mix of technical and business expertise
  • Helps your business implement standards-based technologies the right way
  • Provides tailored education and training support on GS1 Standards, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) implementation best practices, Package Measurement Rules, Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) Management, and Data Synchronization
  • Offers tailored implementation assistance for:
    • Supply chain automation
    • EPC®-enabled RFID solutions
    • Images and attributes
    • Data governance assessment, guidance, and training via the GS1 US National Data Quality Program
    • Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®)
Learn more about our enterprise level online education or ask us about our on-site training opportunities for your business.

The GS1 US Difference

With a total focus on supporting the retail community, we specialize in helping pilot and deploy standards-based capabilities. We guide trading partners as they bridge the gap between existing value chain processes—with all of their unique design complexities—and today’s industry-approved, standards-based solutions. Above all, we’re focused on helping our customers achieve greater inventory intelligence, enhance supply chain efficiency, and realize cost savings while increasing sales and improving margins.

Industry Momentum

Retailers and brands are witnessing the transformation of today’s value chain. Those taking an active role in adopting and using GS1 Standards and EPC-enabled RFID technology are seeing a boost in sales and customer satisfaction. In addition to reducing their inventory, distribution, and labor costs, these companies are growing sales and achieving visibility in their product inventory like never before. With a well-thought-out plan—and help from GS1 US Advisory Services experts—your organization can do the same.

 To learn more about GS1 US Advisory Services for retail, download our program overview. 

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Cross-industry Consultation Support

No matter your industry (retail, apparel, consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, grocery, foodservice, fresh foods, hardlines, or healthcare), you can benefit from the GS1 US Advisory Services program. With a special mix of technical and business expertise, we can deliver a variety of tailored services to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating the GS1 System of Standards into operations.


Data Quality Support

The benefits of product, item, and case data accuracy are clear. Something as simple as accurate case dimensions can lead to improved truck optimization, elimination of transportation fines, and higher warehouse storage efficiency.

View our informational webinar – GS1 US National Data Quality Program >

Use one of our Brand Owner Data Quality Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators to help gauge the real-world impact of weight and/or dimensions on transportation and warehouse costs as well as the potential savings and efficiencies that can be gained by improving the accuracy of your product data: