GS1 US Advisory Services for the Foodservice and Retail Grocery Industries

Get customized support to improve data quality, efficiency, and visibility in your supply chain 

Consumer expectations for food safety and robust product information are higher than ever—and it’s up to you to deliver the supply chain visibility and high-quality data they need to stay competitive. GS1 US® is here to help your business meet those objectives through the use of GS1 Standards.

We have created customized implementation resources to help the foodservice and retail grocery industries adopt and use GS1 Standards, including our GS1 US Advisory Services. Our consultative approach offers a combination of technical and business expertise to address specific challenges your organization may face as you integrate the GS1 System of Standards into your operations. 

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Education and implementation support

We created the GS1 US Advisory Services program as a direct response to our customers’ requests for a trusted, open, and flexible partner with a keen understanding of GS1 Standards. Our team is comprised of foodservice and retail grocery industry experts who will share their experience, expertise, and ideas for innovation as you work toward your goals for supply chain visibility and traceability. 

Topics may include:

  • Principles of supply chain visibility  (Identify, Capture, Share product data with GS1 Standards)
  • Strategy development for product data and attribute management
  • Automation schemes for streamlined operations
  •  Process flow and procedure development to leverage GS1 Standards for improved:
    • Traceability and recall readiness
    • Fill rate and/or on-shelf availability
    • Inventory management
    • Shipping and receiving efficiencies and other business processes

On-site product data and/or nutritional labeling implementation support

Based on the foundation of unique product identification, you can leverage existing investments in the GS1 System of Standards to link, share, and utilize product information for improved efficiencies across your business operations. 

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and training on unique product identification principles
  • Best practice guidance on how product information you may already have can be utilized or augmented to prepare for:
    • Food Safety Modernization Act requirements
    • Nutritional and menu labeling regulations (e.g., Patient Protection Affordable Care Act)
    • SmartLabel
    • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Best practices for data quality and data governance outlined in the GS1 US National Data Quality Program

We also provide on-site and enterprise-level education. Among the most popular topics:

  • GS1 Foundations 
  • GS1 Standards for Food Traceability 
  • GS1 Package Measurement Rules

Learn more about our enterprise level online education or ask us about our on-site training opportunites for your business. 

The GS1 US difference

We are focused on supporting the needs of the foodservice and retail grocery community, specializing in helping the industry implement standards-based solutions. Our objective is to work with industry trading partners to help bridge the gap between their existing supply chain processes and today’s industry-approved standards-based best practices driving operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Industry momentum

Brand owners, distributors, operators, retailers, and others are witnessing the transformation of today’s supply chain—and those who are taking an active role in the adoption and usage of GS1 Standards in their everyday business practices are seeing a boost in efficiencies, sales, and customer satisfaction. These companies are reducing their inventory, distribution, and labor costs while growing sales and achieving visibility in their supply chain like never before. With a well-thought-out plan, and help from GS1 US Advisory Services experts, your organization can do the same. 

Learn more about GS1 US Advisory Services for foodservice and retail grocery by downloading our program overview PDF (320 KB)

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Cross-industry consultation support

No matter your industry, GS1 US has created a customized support services offering: the GS1 US Advisory Services program. With a special mix of technical and business expertise, we can provide your organization with a variety of tailored services to address specific challenges in integrating the GS1 System of Standards into your operations.

Data Quality Support

The benefits of product, item, and case data accuracy are clear. GS1 US Advisory Services offers several data quality solutions and customized guidance to help accelerate your data quality implementation. For more, go to our data quality page or view the webinar below. 

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