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Be an Industry Leader in the Authentication of Data

Unlock the value of clean, complete, and accurate data to keep up with consumer demand, improve efficiencies across business processes, support safety and compliance efforts, and streamline sales growth. GS1 US Data Hub | View/Use is the gateway to unlocking solutions to these supply chain and data mapping challenges, and GS1 US® is eager to support you.

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Validate Right Brand Owner

Verify the validity of the company associated with a barcode or location, enabling brand transparency for end customers.

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Improve Product Data Quality

Verify the validity of any barcode, use Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to triangulate data from multiple sources, and be confident of your product listings' accuracy.

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Validate Partners' Location Data

Search and share location data, communicate directly with other trading partners, and improve location accuracy in your operations.

Amazon Discusses the Importance of the GS1 Registry, Accessible via GS1 US Data Hub | View/Use

“The GS1 Registry is a vital resource to authenticate product data for selling partners across listing, packaging, shipping, and other commerce activities.”