Grow your brand and power your sales

Grow Your Brand and Power Your Sales

Gain credibility with retail partners and online marketplaces
with intelligent item setup.

Power Your Growth with GS1 Standards

For over 50 years, GS1 US has been committed to helping grow brands like yours by providing the most widely accepted barcode standards for retail, ecommerce, and supply chain management.

With GS1 barcodes, your product is ready to be sold at any retailer or on top marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Learn more about how to set up your supply chain to sell and put your business on the map.

How GS1 US Supports Small Businesses

Selling online and managing inventory are critical to achieving your sales goals. GS1 US can help you on your growth journey and support your success.

4 Ways to Win Online Sales

Harness the power of e-commerce and open up a world of new sales opportunities by following these helpful tips.

Looking to Sell on Amazon?

To create a product listing on most major marketplaces, you'll need a product identifier from GS1 US, which allows you to be recognized by top marketplaces.

Product Packaging that Sells

Product Packaging that Sells

Whether you are selling direct to consumer or selling through retailers, product packaging is an important part of the shopping experience.

Video: How Do I Get a Barcode?

Video: How Do I Get a Barcode?

Learn 2 simple ways to power commerce with GS1 barcodes.  

Place Barcodes on Products

Place Barcodes on Products

Create the barcode image and print it correctly on your items.

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