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GS1 US RosettaNet Standards

RosettaNet Standards were created to trade complex information in high technology and adjacent industries. Our standards enable the automation of business processes and provide lower technical and financial barriers to global commerce. Founded in 1998 in the heart of Silicon Valley, RosettaNet Standards deliver an efficient way to achieve collaborative commerce for organizations of any size, in any part of the world. The standards continually evolve to promote collaboration and efficient global business.

Why RosettaNet

RosettaNet Standards provide business value to organizations of all shapes and sizes and are driven by industry for industry. The RosettaNet Standards community provides a global forum for suppliers, customers, and competitors to come together to achieve collaborative commerce in an efficient and profitable way.

RosettaNet Standards enable companies to meet the legislative demands of their countries, extend their trading partner networks, and achieve user-specified goals.