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4 Smart Steps to Become Retail Ready

Learn four essential steps that can help you build trust with retail partners and consumers 

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"Working with GS1 US has been great for my business. I have found that retailers expect you to have some working knowledge of UPC barcodes and they need to be assigned specifically to the products that your brand sells. Be proactive and make sure you have what you need for future success."
- Ligel Lambert, founder of TAL WATCHES.
Podcast: Leaning into disruption

Podcast: Leaning into disruption

The Functional Chocolate Company founders share sweet secrets from scaling their business. 

Tip Sheet: Pro Tips from your Peers

Tip Sheet: Pro Tips from your Peers

Get guidance on starting up, supply chain challenges, vendor onboarding, and more.  

Video: How Do I Get a Barcode?

Video: How Do I Get a Barcode?

Learn 2 simple ways to power commerce with GS1 barcodes.  

GS1 US Guidance for Small Business

Working with GS1 US means you’re working with a not for-profit organization dedicated to your business goals. For more than 50 years, GS1 has been committed to driving the growth of all businesses no matter their size. GS1 US has been responsible for maintaining a system of product identification in almost every industry. Our products and barcodes are trusted everywhere— small retail stores, large chains, and ecommerce giants alike.

As a small business owner, you sometimes need to rely on a team. Our team is dedicated to your success. We offer member support when needed, and a free subscription to GS1 US Data Hub, a powerful tool for managing your barcodes and product data.

With our trusted Solution Partners, GS1 US is also your one stop shop for retail business solutions. These Solution Partners are experienced experts and work closely within the system of GS1 Standards, ensuring global acceptance of your product in the marketplace.

How Many Barcodes Do You Need?

UPC barcodes and GTINs issued by GS1 are like fingerprints for your products—they should be unique and belong only to you. Let us help you plan for your product launch.