Build a Sample UPC Barcode

Use your UPC Company Prefix to create and view practice barcodes

The number in a UPC barcode (called a GTIN®) is typically 12 digits long. This tool helps illustrate how you create a GTIN-12

  • It starts with your UPC Company Prefix that was assigned to your company when it became a member of GS1 US. Your U.P.C. Company Prefix could be between six and ten digits long
  • The next one to five digits are for the item reference numbers that you will assign to your unique product variations
  • The 12th digit is called the check digit, which is calculated based on the other numbers in the GTIN-12 and ensures accuracy

Create Your GTIN-12

  1. Find your GS1 Company Prefix Certificate to get your UPC Company Prefix. Your company received this certificate when it became a member of GS1 US®.
    If you don't have a copy of your GS1 Company Prefix certificate, you can log in to myGS1 US and view or download a copy.
  2. Follow the instructions on the wizard below.

Enter your U.P.C. Company Prefix exactly as it appears on your GS1 Company Prefix Certificate.


GS1 Company Prefix Certficate

Now that you know how to create a GTIN-12, explore these resources for creating more GTIN-12s and UPC barcodes:

  • GS1 Foundations Online Certificate Course – Our online or virtual classroom course offers education that will help you learn product identification standards that result in trusted data for your trading partners and consumers.
  • Solution Provider Finder – Find a GS1 US Solution Provider to create your GTINs and barcodes for you
  • GS1 US Data Hub® | Product – Identify your products and create barcodes in a tool that backs up your product data in a secure environment. With GS1 US Data Hub | Product, you can create barcodes and manage and share your products. You currently need to be issued an annual GS1 Company Prefix to access GS1 US Data Hub | Product
  • Get Started Guide – Learn more about creating product identification, choosing the right barcode type, getting the barcodes on your products, and more