GS1 US Data Hub | Company

Validate the relationship between Products and Companies

As a Retailer or Marketplace, when you are offered products by a new seller, you need a trusted way to verify the identity of the seller and the seller’s products before listing online or in your store. Often times, that method is by relying on a variety of sources not necessarily provided directly by the brand owners.

Data Hub Company provides access to both a local (US) online repository of over 300,000 company records and a global repository of over 5 million company records created directly by our members. Data Hub Company makes it easy to match a seller with its products by simply searching on the GTIN associated with the product.

With Data Hub Company, Retailers and Marketplaces can be confident that products are associated with sellers that hold authentic GS1 Company Prefix or GTIN licenses, increasing the trust in the sellers they choose to work with.

Data Hub Company is there to meet your company’s needs with unlimited queries and the availability of data export and API for more extensive searches.

Need an add-on or API? 

  • Benefits for retailers & online marketplaces

    • Validate that your suppliers’ U.P.C. product data is accurate at time of set up
    • Be confident that you are using U.P.C.-related product data from legitimate, validated sources
    • Give consumers a better user experience with more reliable product listings
  • Benefits for Retailers & Online Marketplaces image
  • Benefits for GDSN®-certified data pools

    • Reduce customer re-keying by integrating verified basic company information directly into your platform
    • Improve the quality of GS1 Company Prefix data entering both your data pool and the Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN)
    • Create additional data quality and data cleanup services for your customers
    • Use GS1 US® data to identify additional companies that may be ready for data synchronization services
  • Benefits for GDSN®-certified data pools image
  • Benefits for web and mobile application developers

    • Spend more time refining your apps and less time validating that your U.P.C. and related product data match back to the brand owner
    • Give customers an optimal user experience by ensuring that basic manufacturer/brand owner and U.P.C.-related product data is reliable
  • Benefits for Web and Mobile Application Developers image
  • Benefits for solution providers

    • Provide validated GS1 Company Prefix data to your applications
    • Enhance trading partner relationships
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Improve data quality with validated company data

  • Company Prefix information in the GS1 US Data Hub comes right from GS1 US, the only body in the United States authorized by GS1 to assign company prefixes that are unique in the GS1 numbering system
  • Over 300,000 US companies are listed and 5 million global companies
  • The company listing is updated daily, with over 3,000 updates a month

Choose options to customize to your workflow need

  • Search for companies by company name, company prefix, GTIN®, or GLN
  • Download the complete list of company prefixes, active company prefixes that have been issued by GS1 US to date, or a list of prefixes that were added or modified by GS1 US during the month
  • Choose from single user, five users, 10 users, or unlimited users access options
  • Do one-by-one queries, download mass queries, or use the API

A GS1 US Data Hub | Company “view/use” subscription allows you to find and view validated information about brand owners.

Subscription DescriptionAnnual Fee
Single User$500
Up to 5 Users$1,000
Up to 10 Users$1,500
Unlimited Users$2,500

Additional Services

You can also add the features below to your subscription with an additional fee.

Add-onAnnual Fee
API—Integrate data from GS1 US Data Hub with your systems.$6,500
Export—Export third-party data from GS1 US Data Hub. For all GS1 US Data Hub view/use subscriptions.$4,500
List Match—Match your list of GTINs or GLNs to the GS1 US Data Hub database.$6,500