GS1 US Data Hub | Product - Create/Manage

The tool for driving reliable product identification and barcodes to grow your business


Exclusively for GS1 US Members: GS1 US Data Hub® | Product - Create/Manage allows you to:

  • Create U.P.C. barcodes quickly without any guesswork
  • Increase confidence that your U.P.C.s and barcodes are mistake free and your information is ready to share with trading partners around the world
  • Capture descriptive product information (attributes) and share it with trading partners of your choosing

GS1 US Data Hub | Product Create/Manage is available only to members who obtain a GS1 Company Prefix through GS1 US. Each member company automatically gets a free subscription for one user as a benefit of their GS1 US® membership. Your account must be in good standing.

To add users select Subscribe Now.  To start using the tool select Log In to Data Hub.

Avoid costly mistakes

Be confident that the U.P.C.s and barcodes you create are properly formatted and follow GS1 Standards.


Securely store your data

Work more efficiently, knowing your product data is automatically organized within the tool. Avoid worrying about multiple versions of the truth as you may with spreadsheets.


Share your data

Make your products more visible by sharing basic product data instantly with trading partners who are GS1 US Data Hub | Product subscribers. You choose which trading partners to share with and what to share.


Save time

Easily create, manage, and share U.P.C.s and barcodes. The tool automatically incorporates your GS1 Company Prefix and calculates the check digit for you.

In this publication, the letters “U.P.C.” are used solely as an abbreviation for the “Universal Product Code”, which is a product identification system. They do not refer to the UPC, which is a federally registered certification mark of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to certify compliance with a Uniform Plumbing Code as authorized by IAPMO.