GS1 US Data Hub | Product - View/Use

Consumer trust in your products is based on complete and accurate information

As a retailer or marketplace, we know it is critical for you to have one trusted way to verify product authenticity. A single error or oversight in product information can put your business at risk and damage your reputation with customers. 

Data Hub Product View/Use was designed to increase your confidence in product information, as you can accept and use product data created directly by brand owners. By leveraging Data Hub, you can trust that the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or UPC was constructed using GS1 standards and that the GTIN or UPC is uniquely associated with one product.

GS1 US Data Hub powers Verified by GS1, a global solution to data quality challenges. Through Verified by GS1 you not only get access to over 44 million items in the U.S. but also to 360 million items worldwide through the GS1 Registry Platform. 

With unlimited product searches and the availability of data export and API for more extensive searches, Data Hub eliminates the need to manually validate product information from multiple sources.

Need an add-on or API? 

  • Benefits for retailers & online marketplaces

    • Have more confidence that your suppliers’ U.P.C.s and product data is accurate at time of set up
    • Reduce the need to use manual look-ups or algorithms for finding the “most likely match” for product listings
    • Provide a better customer experience by validating that products you offer match the description and image
  • Benefits for Retailers & Online Marketplaces image
  • Benefits for GDSN®-certified data pools

    • Simplify data entry for your subscriptions - just pull GTIN® data from GS1 US Data Hub | Product.
    • Improve the quality of product data entering both your data pool and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
    • Create additional data quality and data cleanup services for your customers
  • Benefits for GDSN®-certified data poolsimage
  • Benefits for web and mobile application developers

    • Spend more time refining your apps and less time sourcing accurate U.P.C. and related product data
    • Give customers an optimal user experience by ensuring that basic brand owner and U.P.C.-related product data is accurate
  • Benefits for web and mobile application developers image
  • Benefits for solution providers

    • Provide validated U.P.C. and basic product data to your applications
    • Enhance trading partner relationships
  • Benefits for solution providers image
  • Access to Verified by GS1 product data

    • GTIN structure and uniqueness validated
    • Availability of 6 additional basic attributes confirmed
  • Access to Verified by GS1 product data

Improve data quality with validated product data

  • Over 44 million U.S. products are in the database and more than 360 million global products 
  • UPC and basic product data is provided directly from the brand owner; GTINs and UPCs are GS1-compliant.
  • Product data includes company name, brand name, product description, GTIN®, UPC, packaging level and hierarchy, GS1 Company Prefix, and the date of the last change
  • Additional product data may be provided by the brand owner, including dimensions, weight, country of origin, and a photo of the product
  • In-tool messaging allows you to directly contact brand owners with questions about their products

Choose options to customize to your workflow needs

  • Search for products by GTIN®, Company Name, or description   
  • Choose from single user, five users, 10 users, or unlimited users access options
  • Do one-by-one queries, download mass queries, or use the API

A GS1 US Data Hub | Product View/Use subscription allows you to find and view product data directly from the brand owner.

Subscription DescriptionAnnual Fee
Single User$500
Up to 5 Users$1,000
Up to 10 Users$1,500
Unlimited Users$2,500

Additional Services

You can also add the features below to your subscription with an additional fee.

Add-onAnnual Fee
API—Integrate data from GS1 US Data Hub with your systems.$6,500
Export—Export third-party data from GS1 US Data Hub.$4,500