Get Barcodes for Selling on Amazon

In order to sell on major online marketplaces, you’ll need a unique way of identifying your products. GS1 is the global authority for identification of products and locations -that simply means, we're the world wide barcode company.

Amazon Recommends GS1

Amazon recommends obtaining GTINs directly from GS1. Here's a direct quote from their Seller Central help site:

"If you do not have a product ID for your product, you can request it from the manufacturer. If you manufacture the product yourself, visit the GS1 standards website for more information."*

Barcodes from GS1 Work for All Retailers

The best part about GS1 barcodes is that they are universally accepted by retailers all over the world. The barcode that you need for Amazon, is the same barcode Walmart or Target or Kroeger or the mom-and-pop down the street will need from you.

Retailers will verify the authenticity of your barcodes by checking in the GS1 Database before they allow you to sell on their site. If your company is not listed in the database as the brand owner of that barcode, your account might be suspended, or you might need to relabel your products. Both will cost you time and money!

Listen to the 42 second video of CEO of JAM Paper, Andrew, talk about his experience with barcodes not from GS1 and how it impacted his business.


Listen to Andrew, CEO of JAM Paper, talk about his mishap with barcodes not from GS1.

Why else would you want a GS1 Barcode?

For better search results! Google also recommends getting barcodes directly from GS1. You can watch the 30 second video from Kaitlyn on how barcodes help you get discovered online.

Read this from the Google Merchant Center:

“GTINs help us understand exactly what you're selling. When we understand what you're selling, we can help boost your ad performance by adding valuable details about the product and serving the ad in a more relevant way to users. This also means that your ads can serve in more places on Google, YouTube, and our partner sites. Merchants who've added correct GTINs to their product data have seen conversion rates increase up to 20%.”**

Google is telling you that product descriptions and attributes influence their algorithm and consumer buying decisions. It’s simple... the right barcode will help your product get exposure.

Are you ready to get barcodes for all online marketplaces?

Need more information like pricing?

Number of items needing a barcode/GTIN** Initial fee Annual renewal fee
1 – 10 $250 $50
1 – 100 $750 $150
1 – 1,000 $2,500 $500
1 – 10,000 $6,500 $1,300
1 – 100,000 $10,500 $2,100
NDC/NHRIC Company Prefix $2,100 $2,100

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*Amazon Seller Central
**Google Merchant Center