Get Barcodes for Selling Online

In order to sell on major online marketplaces, you’ll need an authentic way to identify your products. GS1 is the global authority for the unique identification of products and companies, which serve as the building blocks for barcodes.

While you don't scan a barcode during online checkout like you would at a cash register, you will still use the number sequence under the barcode (also known as a GTIN) that uniquely identifies the product.

Why else would you want a GS1 Barcode?

For better search results! Google also recommends getting barcodes directly from GS1.

Read this from the Google Merchant Center:

“GTINs help us understand exactly what you're selling. When we understand what you're selling, we can help boost your ad performance by adding valuable details about the product and serving the ad in a more relevant way to users. This also means that your ads can serve in more places on Google, YouTube, and our partner sites. Merchants who've added correct GTINs to their product data have seen conversion rates increase up to 20%.”**

Google is telling you that product descriptions and attributes influence their algorithm and consumer buying decisions. It’s simple... the right barcode will help your product get exposure.