GS1 US is More than Just Barcodes

  • Find out why you should get your barcodes from GS1 US

    Are you looking to obtain U.P.C. barcodes for your products? While there are other companies that offer the opportunity to purchase barcodes, GS1 US® is the only organization authorized in the U.S. to issue the GS1 Company Prefix that uniquely identifies your company as the brand owner registered to use the U.P.C. on your product.

  • GS1 Company Prefix
  • What does unique identification mean for you?

    It means there are barcodes, U.P.C.s, and GTINs in the marketplace that may be missing information that your Trading Partners are looking for. With GS1 US you will be able to capture and share data in your barcode, such as company information, location, nutrition, and even the size of the package the barcode is placed on.

    GS1 US is so much more than just barcodes. We are the language businesses use to communicate. When GS1 Standards are a part of your business, they can allow you to easily identify, manage, and share product data with your trading partners, supply chains, and customers to streamline operations, cut costs, and deliver richer, more satisfying customer experiences. With GS1 US you don't just put a barcode on your product, you put power into your marketplace.

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  • How you set up barcodes through GS1 US:

    • You obtain a unique company identification number called a GS1 Company Prefix. It will identify your company to businesses all over the world
    • Using that prefix, you add a number that specifically identifies your product. Combined with a check digit, this creates a GTIN® (Global Trade Item Number®) that identifies both your company and that product
    • You take this GTIN and create a barcode from it that can be scanned
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No need for Barcode Generators

Once GS1 US issues a GS1 Company Prefix to your company, creating barcodes is just the beginning. At no additional cost, you can use that same Prefix to create higher levels of packaging that you'll need as your business continues to grow. Barcode generators will become a thing of your past after you've used our GS1 US Data Hub® | Product tool to create inner packs, cases, and pallets for your products. By using GS1 US Data Hub | Product you'll also gain more exposure when you share your product data with 3rd party subscribers that are searching our data base for companies like you!