Put Power in Your Barcodes

Retailers want you to have GS1 Barcodes. Get your barcodes from GS1 US.

To sell your product in a store or online, you could be looking for a barcode, a UPC, a GS1 Company Prefix, or a Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®).

Whatever your needs, the barcoding solution begins with GS1 US. GS1 barcodes are accepted all over the world. The barcode you need for your product with one retailer, is the same barcode you'll need to list your product for another. With GS1 barcodes, you can assign a single barcode to your product and use that barcode everywhere, with any retailer that is selling that specific product, whether it’s in stores or online..

At GS1 US, we’re more than barcodes.

  • Use our GS1 US Data Hub® tool to take the guesswork out of creating and managing barcodes and GTINs. You can even use the tool to give potential retailers and customers visibility to your products.
  • Take advantage of our network of GS1 US-trained Solution Partners to help you get barcodes on your products the right way
  • Rest assured that we have a team of experts and training material to help you if you have questions

Uniquely identify your brand and your barcodes with a GS1 Company Prefix or a GS1 US GTIN and invest in the future of your business. A GS1 Company Prefix will allow you to license a block of barcodes at one time, where as GS1 US GTIN is a single barcode.

Need more information like pricing?

GS1 Company Prefix Pricing
Number of items needing a barcode/GTIN**Initial feeAnnual renewal fee
1 GS1 US GTIN$30None
GS1 Company Prefix including U.S. FDA NDC Labeler Code. $2,100$2,100

Still need more information? Visit our How to Get Barcodes page