GS1 Barcodes are Preferred by Google and Brand Owners

From the Google Merchant Center:

“GTINs help us understand exactly what you're selling. When we understand what you're selling, we can help boost your ad performance by adding valuable details about the product and serving the ad in a more relevant way to users. This also means that your ads can serve in more places on Google, YouTube, and our partner sites. Merchants who've added correct GTINs to their product data have seen conversion rates increase up to 20%.”**

Google is telling you that product descriptions and attributes influence their algorithm and consumer buying decisions. It’s simple... the right barcode will help your product get exposure.

In fact, a GS1 Company Prefix is the first part of a barcode. Let's break it down: 

  • The Prefix is what identifies your company
  • The GTIN (partially made up of the Prefix) is what identifies your product online
  • The barcode is what identifies your product at a physical checkout counter

Just check out the picture to the right! 

It's important to understand that the reason retailers recommend GS1 US is because of the GS1 Company Prefix. When you get your barcodes from GS1 US the Prefix will identify your company only. If you get your barcodes from anywhere else, it's very likely that you will not be listed as the brand owner of that barcode. 

Retailers often verify the authenticity of your GTINs by checking in the GS1 Database before they allow you to sell on their site. If your company is not listed in the database as the brand owner of that GTIN, your account might be suspended, or you might need to relabel your products. Both will cost you time and money!

If you want to follow retailer recommendations, you need to license a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 US in order to get the GTINs you need for your products.

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How Barcodes Are Used and Where They Are Used

Barcodes and product identifiers like a GTIN and location identifiers like a Global Location Number (GLN) have been integrated into our modern lives to increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Every day, they are used in:

Inventory management and traceability

  • Managing inventory levels
  • Tracking medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and food to help ensure patient and consumer safety

Point of sale accuracy

  • Scanning and identifying products at point of sale (checkout), online, and at warehouses
  • GTINs make it easier for your products to be found in web searches and online marketplaces, leading to a better consumer experience and increased revenue for you

Regulatory compliance

  • Medical device manufacturers use GS1 GTINs and barcodes to support U.S. FDA UDI regulatory requirements. GS1 is a FDA-accredited issuing agency for U.S. FDA UDI*
  • GS1 Standards can also be applied for Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) serialization, lot-level management, and item-level traceability**

Shipping and receiving

  • Barcodes and product and location identifiers are used by businesses to manage how they exchange goods within their supply chain
  • Different barcodes and product and location identifiers can identify a product, its origin and current location in transit, and if it was received by a trading partner

Information sharing

  • Capturing and sharing data like location, nutrition, and allergens so fresh foods growers, restaurants, and packaged goods businesses can share more complete and accurate information with trading partners and consumers
  • Businesses can exchange information electronically to expedite invoicing and re-ordering

These and other business processes come through the power of barcodes and the Universal Product Code (UPC) to Identify items, Capture accurate data, and Share that information with customers and businesses.

When you create a barcode using GS1 Standards, you are using standards that are recognized and accepted by businesses all over the world. This allows you to better communicate with your trading partners and consumers and build your business.

Watch the 48 second video of why Margaret Barrow, Owner of Brooklyn Granola chose GS1 US.

Uniquely identify your brand and your barcodes with GTINs from GS1 US and invest in the future of your business.

Need more information like pricing?

Number of items needing a barcode/GTIN**Initial feeAnnual renewal fee
NDC/NHRIC Company Prefix$2,100$2,100

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