How to Get More Barcodes When Your Business Grows

Get More Barcodes with a GS1 Company Prefix in 3 Simple Steps

As your business expands and you add more items to your growing product line, your business is going to need more barcodes. The same way that you chose a GS1 Company Prefix with the appropriate capacity (number of barcodes) the first time, you’ll need to do it again.

If you need help deciding how many barcodes you need, use our Barcode Estimator Tool →

Getting Additional Barcodes is Simple:

Step 1

Decide how many barcodes you need (capacity)

Step 2

Visit the GS1 US Store

Step 3

When licensing an additional GS1 Company Prefix it’s important to know that adding a new prefix does not modify or add onto your current prefix(es). Instead an entirely new prefix will be licensed to your company and linked to your current account when applying as an existing member. The new prefix will appear in your GS1 US Data Hub account. You will be able to maintain all your product data in the same place as before.

Should you want to license more than one prefix at a time, that option is available to you. For example, you might need three 10 capacity prefixes (total 30 barcodes) instead of one 100 capacity prefix (total 100 barcodes.)

If you want to check how many available barcodes you have left, login to GS1 US Data Hub and check your remaining available capacity on the dashboard.


Depending on where your company is currently in the billing cycle there may be a prorated renewal to align your new prefix with your company’s current billing cycle. This includes the entire initial fee for one year plus a prorated renewal fee based on your company’s paid through date. This will ensure that after the prorated period that each prefix is conveniently billed on a single invoice. Verbiage and pricing information will be available regarding prorating once the application is filled out.

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Learn How to Use Your Barcodes

Whether you already have your barcodes or just got them from GS1 US, you’re ready to take the next steps.