Why Barcodes and Product Data are Important

Product descriptions influence consumer buying decisions and get your product found.

Including a U.P.C. in your product listing could mean the difference between appearing in a search results and disappearing into the internet’s deep, dark web.

Product data is helpful information about your product and it’s important to both retailers and their customers. Retailers need your product data in order to be able to list your product on their website, and customers will use that information to make purchasing decisions.

Consider the GTIN like your online personal assistant.

“Good product content helps search engines find our products and recommend them to potential customers. This is critical for small businesses to effectively compete against larger organizations with more ecommerce experience.
Product information has become increasingly important for online sales growth. Our customers look for product details and benefits as well as high quality, multiple, images of a product. It’s one of the best investments you can make to help potential customers find and buy your products so that you increase sales and grow your business.”
Thomas Parkinson, Co-Founder, SVP and CTO of Peapod an Ahold Delhaize company

Key Data Pieces You Really Want to Get Right for Your Product Listing:

Product Title—Make sure that your product title gives shoppers a clear sense of what your product is. Include important keywords to help shoppers find what they are searching for.

Product Photos—Quality and quantity count. Your product photos should be large and high resolution so shoppers can zoom in if they want. White backgrounds are best, and include photographs from different angles.

Product Description—It’s important to include product specifications that shoppers are looking for, such as dimensions, weight, and materials. You also need to help them imagine using your product. Make sure your copy is easy to read – bold or italicize key words, use bullets, and keep your sentences short.

UPC/GTIN—Many online retailers require that you assign a Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) to your products and place a UPC barcode on your products. In fact, you should use the same GTIN online as you use for physical stores. Including a GTIN in your product listing helps search engines and consumers find your product easier, leading to more sales for you. Google reported that Merchants who’ve added correct GTINs to their product data have seen a 20% increase in clicks on average.

Uniquely identify your brand and your barcodes with a GS1 Company Prefix or a GS1 US GTIN and invest in the future of your business. A GS1 Company Prefix will allow you to license a block of barcodes at one time, whereas GS1 US GTIN is a single barcode.

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