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Although GS1 US is best known as the U.P.C.* barcode administrator in the United States, we’re more than that. When working at GS1 US you belong to a group of passionate professionals who make an impact every day.

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Employees at every level play a vital role and provide a meaningful voice on issues that affect consumers across the country. Whether it’s food safety, patient safety, or product recalls, your task will be to help shape the industries we serve while collaborating across the organization to push businesses forward.

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What We Stand For

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Responding to Feedback

We’re focused on our mission, but also enjoy unmatched camaraderie in a positive work environment. We openly collect feedback from every employee, and we listen to and act on their concerns and suggestions.

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World-Class Culture

We are committed to giving our employees a voice—and we have the data to prove it! Each year, we participate in a global culture survey administered by Denison Consulting. In 2019, we were the top-scoring organization surveyed by Denison. It’s a true testament to the culture we’ve created at GS1 US, as well as our high level of employee engagement.

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Competitive Salaries and Great Benefits

At GS1 US, we are competitive with salaries and benefits as well as work/life balance. Employees enjoy holiday parties and summer picnics, and we always look for opportunities to give back to our community through charity drives and local events.

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Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President shares why she’s passionate about GS1 US.

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