Key Membership Information Explained

Account Number

This is your GS1 US account number. We use it for billing purposes and to associate all of your company’s GS1 Company Prefixes. You’ll find it in your Welcome Email, on your GS1 Company Prefix certificate, and on your annual invoice.

GS1 Company Prefix Certificate and License Agreement

The GS1 Company Prefix Certificate provides proof of your company as the legal licensee of the company prefix and all associated GS1 Identification Numbers for the duration of your license agreement. If you need to download or print a copy of your prefix certificate, go to myGS1 US and click "Prefix Certificates."

  • Your GS1 Company Prefix Certificate is valid for one year. Be sure to renew your GS1 Company Prefix license by the date specified in your Welcome Email.
  • You’ll get an updated GS1 Company Prefix Certificate each year when you renew your GS1 Company Prefix license.
  • If asked, you can send a copy of your GS1 Company Prefix Certificate to your trading partners.
  • The License Agreement outlines the terms of your GS1 Company Prefix license.

Company Prefix

You will notice that there are two prefixes listed on your certificate.

One is a GS1 Company Prefix and one is a U.P.C. Company Prefix. These are essentially the same number—the U.P.C. Company Prefix is derived from the GS1 Company Prefix by removing the leading zero.

The U.P.C. Company Prefix is only used when creating U.P.C. barcodes for selling your product at a store or online. The GS1 Company Prefix is used when creating all other GS1 Identifiers--refer to your prefix certificate for the full list of available GS1 Identifiers.

The Company Prefix identifies your company as the brand owner. To see how major retailers confirm brand ownership, use our GS1 Company Prefix Directory (GEPIR).

Prefix certificate

Legal Entity GLN

This is the number that has been assigned by GS1 US to your company’s headquarter location.

myGS1 US

myGS1 US gives you online access to GS1 US tools and resources. Visit myGS1 US to create barcodes, sign up for webinars, access latest GS1 Standards and guidelines, renew your license, download and print your GS1 Company Prefix certificate, and more. Visit myGS1 US.