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GS1 Connect: Ascend | June 5-7, 2023 | Denver, Colorado

Calling All Supply Chain Dreamers

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Get to Know Our Startup Lab 2023 Finalists

Experience the most exciting Startup Lab Pitch Competition yet! Our impressive lineup of finalists will pitch their products and ideas to a panel of judges LIVE for a chance to win from a $23,000 prize pool. Join us as we announce the first, second, and third places winners on-stage Tuesday, June 6.


Fulfilld is a new generation of warehouse management software driving real-world warehousing efficiency gain. Fulfilld optimizes warehousing operations by reducing wasted warehouse worker activity by 40%; improving inventory accuracy by 24%; optimizing product placement (slotting) by 18%; and improving warehouse worker productivity by 80%. Via patent-pending location-awareness digital-twin innovation, AI/ML-powered system-driven Ops optimization, integrated Fulfilld handheld scanners, and holistic orchestration capabilities of system-directed tasking between human and connected systems (robots, ASRS, vehicles, etc.), Fulfilld makes your warehousing run better.

Index Biosystems

Index has created BioTags ™-microscopic barcodes made from baker’s yeast that are applied directly to products. They connect those physical products to their digital supply chain data (e.g., Food Safety Modernization Act [FSMA] requirements, GS1 Standards, sustainability practices, etc.), allowing for quick on-product verification and identification despite product aggregation, processing, and transformation. When BioTags are detected, results shown through our Trailhead, our standalone traceability software that easily integrates via API. Together, BioTags and Trailhead allow products to be easily identified throughout complex supply chains and safety FSMA traceability requirements.


isoFoodtrace aims to broaden Asian food testing services by introducing relatively fast and inexpensive stable isotope analysis techniques into the food testing market. This technology has been scientifically proven effective for a variety of applications, including tracking an organism's diet history an geographic origin. isoFoodtrace aims to build a food product isotope database against which the fingerprints of certification candidates can be compared to verify label claims (organic, grass-fed, cage-free, provenance, etc.).


Kadeya is the world's first closed loop beverage vending system. Our patent-pending kiosk for the first time ever washes, sanitizes, inspects, and refills bottles, combining a bottling plant with a dishwasher and a soda fountain in a unit the size of a vending machine. Kadeya's smart bottling station forward AND reverse vends reusable, digitally identifiable bottles, generating a first-to-market data asset to approximate a bike sharing or Uber model for beverage consumption. Kadeya attributes to the individual end-user specific consumption patterns, providing full beverage supply chain transparency from ingredients down to the user and covering climate, water, and health insights.


Peelon is a biodegradable packaging solution that can triple the shelf life of fresh produce, addressing the issues of food waste and plastic pollution in the fresh produce supply chain. Our proprietary blend of natural materials creates a microclimate around the produce, preserving its freshness and quality for longer. This not only reduces food waste, but also reduces the need for frequent transportation and storage, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Peelon is also completely biodegradable and compostable, addressing the problem of plastic pollution.


PICKL is a patented gamified tool engaging new & current communities while empowering you with valuable authentic, unbiased consumer insights. The automated platform builds brand awareness while sharing product identity and adding value to category management with multiple touchpoints to drive velocity. PICKL reduces CAC 50%, increases conversion rates 7x and loyalty by 2.5x. Everything your brand needs to know about your product, in days. Pokémon GO Of Brand & Consumer Engagement.


SORGA Technology uses GS1 standards to save our planet: the solution accelerates responsible consumption by giving the consumer access to interactive, secure, and easily verifiable product information. Greenwashing, grey market, counterfeiting, transparency, traceability, circular economy: discover how this French tech developed a carbon neutral blockchain solution to help retail brands with GS1 QR codes. SORGA provides B2B and B2C solutions, with a very attractive Digital Product Passport, EU friendly. Consumers can discover CSR impacts, optimize product sustainability, and discover circular options for each item. This smart technology brings trust in brands that deserve it before purchase online or in store. As SORGA technology is a web3 solution, it allows all loyalty options as well as additional digital experiences brands can imagine for their exclusive customers (NFTs, Metaverse).

We provide a secure, efficient and privacy preserving way of exchanging information between parties with the ability to automatically verify the validity of the data without relying on a central authority. We've built such data exchange solutions in Public Administration, Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Mobility, Education, and other industries, where we create independently verifiable trust in data, documents, and processes.


We provide a secure, efficient, and privacy-preserving way of exchanging information between parties, with the ability to automatically verify the validity of the data without relying on a central authority.

We've built such data exchange solutions in public administration, healthcare, clinical trials, mobility, education, and other industries, where we create independently verifiable trust in data, documents, and processes.

GS1 Connect Startup Lab Judges

Sanjeev Gokhale

Sanjeev Gokhale

VP, National Foodservice Distribution
The Coca-Cola Company

Mary Lou Bosco

May Lou Bosco


Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair

Director, Strategic Alliances

Damien Slattery

Damien Slattery

Senior VP, Marketing
Inc. & Fast Company

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