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GS1 Connect: Ascend | June 5-7, 2023 | Denver, Colorado

Rise to the Challenges of the Digital Supply Chain

Join us in the Mile High City to connect with industry leaders and learn how to create automated, digital, sustainable supply chains.

Interested in Hosting a Trading Partner Roundtable?

Take part in informal, in-person meetings with trading partners from your industry and review standards-based best practices and business processes so that you can learn how to drive efficiency in your shared supply chains.

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Meet Our 2022 Hosts

BSF Logo

Beaver Street Fisheries

Beaver Street Fisheries met with customers and trading partners to discuss business initiatives related to GDSN, Traceability, Product Information Management, and Marketing to improve business relationships.

Key business topics: GDSN, GS1-128, Traceability, Data Accuracy, Marketing Content

Company participants: Raymond Poinsette, Director of Process Improvement; Michael Esposito, Sr. Business Analyst; Brandon Ballew, Sr. PIM Analyst

Ben E. Keith Logo

Ben E. Keith Foods

Ben E. Keith Foods met with trading partners to discuss the data needed for today and in the future.

Key business topics: How to do business with Ben E. Keith

Company participants: Steve Reiling, Corporate Director Master Data & Procurement Systems

CKE Logo

CKE Restaurants

CKE Restaurants met current trading partners to discuss their RFID 2 to 5 year traceability plan and with suppliers who have already implemented RFID technology.

Key business topics: RFID Implementation & Capabilities, EPCIS, Traceability Implementation Costs

Company participants: Ann Kistler, Senior QA Manager

Dillards Logo


Dillard’s met with vendor partners to discuss current initiatives and find ways to work together to achieve success for both companies.

Key business topics: RFID, Image and Attributes, Drop Ship

Company participants: Shannon Lertique, Lead Vendor Support Analyst; Anita Spence, Director, Vendor Relations

DOT Logo

Dot Foods

Dot Foods met with customers and supplier trading partners to discuss item synchronization including complete marketing & nutritional data and their data accuracy program.

Key business topics: Item Synchronization, Marketing & Nutritional Data, 5 Image Requirements, Data Quality, EDI

Company participants: Jenna Vermillion, Master Data Manager; Matt Wand, Senior Data Accuracy Analyst

Foodbuy Logo

Foodbuy – Compass Group

Foodbuy – Compass Group met with key supplier partners to discuss the importance of complete and accurate data synchronization including content needs for our MDM implementation and downstream Compass applications.

Key business topics: Data Synchronization, Attribute Requirements, Scorecarding, MDM

Company participants: Andrew Weingarth, Director, Data Strategy

Gordon Logo

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is fully engaged with GDSN and invited vendor partners to learn more about how they use their data, expectations, and why it’s become more important than ever to publish via GDSN. Realizing that accurate and complete product information is vital to a great customer experience, they actively integrate GDSN-supplied content throughout their systems to their end-user customers.

Key business topics: GDSN-Integrated New Item Sourcing and Setup, Item Synchronization, Accuracy and Completeness, Supplier Scorecards

Company participants: Chad Metz, Senior Master Data Analyst; Sorangel Gakwandi, Administrator, Supplier Portal & GDSN

McDonald's Logo

McDonald’s Corporation

Increase innovation and decrease costs to achieve food traceability FSMA requirements—and we, as brand owners, should consider doing it together to create scale.

Key business topics: RFID tagging consistency at manufacturer (food/foodservice packaging), RFID reading consistency at manufacturer, RFID reading consistency at distribution

Company participants: Sue Fangmann, Director, Supply Chain Services

McLane Logo

McLane Company

McLane Company met with trading partners to discuss all issues and catch up on how they can work together!

Key business topics: Global Data Synchronization, Data Quality, Barcodes, EDI

Company participants: Beckey James, EC Manager McLane Grocery; Tammy Fields, Supply Chain Manager McLane Foodservice

Meijer Logo


Meijer shared the Meijer Master Data Management roadmap with trading partners, and discussed implementation of a new PIM (Product Information Management system).

Key business topics: New PIM (Product Information Management), Product On-Boarding, Training, GS1 GPC Usage, Digital Content Enrichment

Company participants: Joel Isanhart, Manager, Master Data Management

PFG Logo

Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group reengaged with trading partners to ensure they are capturing accurate, complete data through their GDSN partnership. They confirmed that their partners understand their data requests and clarified questions around their recently updated image standards.

Key business topics: Publication Completeness, Images, Type, Quality, and Quantity

Company participants: Brett Streeter, Senior Manager, Data Stewardship

Sam's Club Logo

Sam’s Club, A Division of Walmart Inc.

Sam’s Club met with trading partners to discuss the transition to their new Item Management system, Item Data Management (IDM). Trading partners got an update on the transition progress, upcoming system development, and what is expected of them in item enrichment, GDSN adoption, and GS1 Standards.

Key business topics: IDM Transition Progress, Upcoming System Development, Supplier Expectations for Onboarding and Enrichment, GDSN Adoption, GS1 Standards

Company participants: Cherise Allison, Sr Manager, Merchandise Solutions—Sam’s Item Management; Sonya Thomas, Sr Manager, Data Stewardship—Sam’s Item Data Management; Gary Nunn, Director, Merchandise Solutions —Sam’s Item & Assortment Management

Sysco Logo


Sysco met with trading partners to ensure they understand Sysco’s product content requirements, expectations and trading partner feedback.

Key business topics: Product Content Requirements, Collaboration, Data Quality, Scorecarding

Company participants: Mark Wilcox, Sr. Director, One Sysco Data; Vijay Jayaraman, Director, Item and Supply Management; David Tollett, Manager, Product Center of Excellence

US Foods Logo

US Foods

US Foods met with vendor partners to discuss product content strategy and how to make product content show up!

Key business topics: GDSN Scorecard, New Fields to Consume, Marketing and Nutritional Information, Images, View My Product

Company participants: Matt Troutman, Vendor Onboarding Manager; Jocelyn Cahall, Manager of Data Strategy

Wakefern Logo

Wakefern Food Corp.

Wakefern Food Corp. met with trading partners to share information about their data requirements, help suppliers to understand the value of data quality and completeness, and answer any questions about these initiatives.

Key business topics: Global Data Synchronization, GTIN Management Standard, Food Traceability, EDI, Consumer Product Data

Company participants: Mike Durning, Manager, Digital Assets & Standards

Wegmans Logo

Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans met with vendor partners to discuss Data Quality and other current initiatives. They discussed how they can partner to reduce friction and work better together.

Key business topics: GDSN Item Synchronization, New Item Introduction, Supplier Scorecards, Images, EDI

Company participants: Brian Becker, Master Data Manager; Cady McMaster, Master Data Coordinator