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GS1 Connect: Thrive | June 4-6, 2024 | Orlando, Florida

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At GS1 Connect 2023, we welcomed a record number of trading partners to host roundtables to collaborate face-to-face and work through supply chain challenges. 

Interested in becoming a host at GS1 Connect 2024? Contact us at GS1ConnectRoundtables@gs1us.org.

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Amerisource Bergen discussed the ability to utilize Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®) master data in the setup of Rx items.

Key business topics: How AmerisourceBergen Has Successfully Piloted Rx-Item Setup via 1WorldSync GDSN, What Data Elements Are Needed To Set Up an Rx Item via GDSN, Why Move Toward GDSN for Rx-Item Setups

Company participants: Tim Beck, Director, MFG Data Management Services; Mike Miller, Vice President, Manufacturing Data Management Services 


ARCOP, Inc. (Arby's Supply Chain Co-op)

Attendees learned how ARCOP (Arby’s Supply Chain Co-op) has built the GS1 tracking and traceability program for the Arby's supply chain. Discussed strategy, implementation of GS1-128 barcodes across our supply chain, key takeaways from our journey to compliance, and what's next as we all prepare for FSMA 204.

Key business topics: GS1 Standards, Data Quality, Journey to Compliance, Working Together To Prepare for FSMA 204

Company participants: Stacie Sanders, Senior Manager, GS1 & Redistribution; Tom Olson, Senior Director, Supply Management & Technology 

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The Axia Institute – Michigan State University

The Axia Institute - Michigan State University discussed the application of GS1 RAIN RFID for end-to-end pharmaceutical traceability.

Key business topics: The Workflow at Each Segment of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain for the Implementation of RFID, RFID ROI That Mitigates the Ongoing Costs of the RFID Tags, The Technical Feasibility of RFID Compared to the Barcode for Traceability

Company participant: Bahar Aliakbarian, R&D Director - Professor

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Ben E. Keith

Sharing product information through GDSN is more important than ever. During this roundtable, Ben E. Keith showed attendees how they are using their data in the foodservice industry.

Key business topics: Master Data, E-Commerce, Images & Videos, Quality of Data, Data Requirements 

Company participants: Steve Reiling, Corporate Director Master Data & Procurement Systems; Kari Miller, Master Data Coordinator 

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CKE Restaurants, Inc.

CKE Restaurants met with trading partners to discuss their current and future GS1-128 barcode traceability capabilities in addition to recent advances in RFID technology.

Key business topics: Traceability Implementation Costs, RFID Implementation & Capabilities, EPCIS

Company participant: Ann Kistler, Senior QA Manager

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The Coca-Cola Company

Attendees learned how to receive verified Coca-Cola Company product content data through their GDSN data pool provider, reduce their setup time, improve their data accuracy, and ultimately increase their speed to market. Our product master data experts were on hand to answer their questions. 

Key business topics: Data Request Guide, Product Images, Verified by GS1, Key Contacts

Company participants: Xavier Garanzuay, Director, Data Governance, Industry, and Regulatory; Crystal Castellanos, Senior Mgr. Master Data Operations, Supply Chain 

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Dillard's met with our vendors and third-party providers to discuss how we are using RFID today and how the 2D barcode will complement this technology to enhance our supply chain and store experience. 

Key business topics: RFID, 2D Barcodes, Future Initiatives 

Company participants: Anita Spence, Director, Vendor Relations; Chuck Lasley, Director, Application Development; Rachel Angell, Vendor Support Analyst

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Dot Foods

Experts from our Master Data and Data Accuracy teams were on hand to discuss and answer questions.

Key business topics: Master Data, Images, Data Quality, E-Commerce, Scorecards

Company participants: Matt Wand, Senior Data Accuracy Analyst; Shane Terwelp, Master Data Analyst, Liz Niewohner, EDI Analyst

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Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Attendees learned about the value of Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and our initiative to move to electronic ordering. 

Georgia-Pacific has seen the following benefits through the use of GLNs:

  • Customer satisfaction. Georgia-Pacific believes in “meeting its customers where they are” when it comes to technology and was ideally situated to help its customers meet traceability objectives using GS1 Standards. 
  • Efficiency. Georgia-Pacific made the decision to use GLNs internally as the preferred location identifier for the efficient transaction of traceability information. Combined with the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®), a complete “what and where” can be communicated on widely accepted electronic channels.
  • Future-proof. As more and more trading partners adopt GS1 Standards, Georgia-Pacific offers a richer set of standards-based solutions to reciprocally optimize operations more seamlessly.
  • Scalability. By adding GS1 GLNs to its mix of identifiers, Georgia-Pacific has expanded beyond legacy systems to assign location information that allows for operations to scale with other GS1 Standards used throughout the worldwide supply chain.

Key business topics: Data Governance Model, Best Practices on the Use of GLN/GTIN, Best Practices on the Use of Electronic Orders

Company participants: Lindsay Savage, Sr. Director Data Governance & Business Platforms; Ardetha Bradley, Sr. Manager Digital Ops & Enablement 

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Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is fully engaged with GDSN and invited vendor partners to learn more about how we use their data, what to expect, and why it's become more important than ever to publish via GDSN. Realizing that accurate and complete product information is vital to a great customer experience, we actively integrate GDSN-supplied content throughout our systems to our end-user customers.

Key business topics: GDSN-Integrated New-Item Sourcing and Setup, Item Synchronization, Accuracy and Completeness, Supplier Scorecards, Images

Company participants: Chad Metz, Senior Master Data Analyst; Sorangel Salcedo, Administrator, Supplier Portal & GDSN

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Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc. (IPC)/Subway

Experts from our Master Data and Data Accuracy teams were on hand to discuss and answer questions.

Key business topics: GDSN Data Quality, GS1-128 Barcodes, 2D Barcodes Vision, FSMA 204 Rule, RFID 

Company participants: Rick Buttner, Senior Director; Priyanka Jindal, Senior Program Manager; Catalina Real, Project Manager 

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Kellogg Company

Attendees learned how to receive or optimize Kellogg Company product content data through their GDSN data pool provider, reduce their setup time, improve their data accuracy, and ultimately increase their speed to market. Our product data experts were on hand to answer their questions.

Key business topics: Data Syndication, Data Quality, Verified by GS1, the Spin of Kellogg Company Into Two Separate Companies 

Company participants: Shanan Walker, Senior Analyst, Data Operations; Tracie Vroman, Senior Analyst, Data Operations; Stacy Donnenwerth, Director, IT Data Governance & Operations 

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McDonald's Corporation

With the world getting faster and more digital—and disruptions happening all the time—the supply chain needs to keep up. McDonald's is addressing this head on and, if the food industry does this consistently, we can collectively help transform traceability and sustainability.

Key business topics: Supply Chain Transformation, Order and network optimization, Supply Chain Visibility, Inventory Management, Traceability, Cold Chain

Company participant: Sue Fangmann, US Supply Chain Services Director

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McLane Company

McLane Company met with trading partners to discuss topics that could mutually benefit all companies.

Key business topics: Data Accuracy, Global Data Synchronization, Proper Barcode Usage, EDI

Company participant: Beckey James, EC Manager

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Performance Food Group 

PFG's data team discussed our data initiatives and how we can work together to meet our customers' data needs.

Key business topics: Image Quality and Accuracy, Data Publication Requirements, Scorecards, ESG Data Requirements 

Company participants: Brad Best, VP, Data Solutions and Process Automation; Brett Streeter, Senior Manager, Data Stewardship; April Moots, Manager, Product Content

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Procter & Gamble 

P&G envisions a world where holistic product master data, inclusive of item setup, digital content, and maintenance, can be exchanged seamlessly between retailers and vendors.  

Key business topics:

  • Better understand retailers’ vision for holistic product master data, inclusive of item setup, digital content, and maintenance, and share upcoming changes related to these processes
  • Understand current new-item setup process pain points–what’s working/what’s not working 
  • Reduce repetitive data setup (entering data multiple times across numerous retailer internal systems). Is your retailer ready for this?
  • Enable efficiencies for retailers to improve data quality and timeliness
  • Understand which suppliers, from retailer POV, have best-in class technology/processes 

Company participants: Hien Ronas, Senior Director Trade Standards/Selling, Procter & Gamble North America; Pam Klein, Trade Standards Director, Procter & Gamble North America


Sam's Club, A Division of Walmart Inc.

Attendees were updated on our transition progress to our new item management system, Item Data Management (IDM). They learned about attribution spec requirements and what is expected of them in item management, GDSN adoption, and GS1 Standards.

Key business topics: Item Data Management (IDM), Supplier Expectations for Onboarding & Enrichment, New Item Onboarding Process, Attribute Requirements, GDSN Integration/Adoption, GS1 Standards

Company participants: Cherise Allison, Senior Manager, Item Management Systems; Sonya Thomas, Senior Manager, Data Stewardship – Item Master Data



Sodexo met with trading partners to discuss how to achieve data quality through master data principles by leveraging GS1 Standards, including GDSN, and preparedness for FSMA 204 regulations.

Key business topics: Master Data Management, GDSN, FSMA 204  

Company participant: Eddie Phillips, VP Supply, Data & Business Transformation

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Taco John's International 

This roundtable was a follow-up from Taco John's presentation “Applying GS1 Standards for Tech-Enabled Traceability.” This roundtable served as a free environment for restaurant chain companies to discuss the following:

  • Vision and progress 
  • Best practices learned during our traceability journey
  • Technologies used within the industry
  • Precise product traceability by applying GS1 Standards with conviction

Key business topics: Applying GS1 Standards for Tech-Enabled Traceability–After-sessions Roundtable 

Company participant: Brando Tijerina 

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Attendees learned about the future plans the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has to incorporate GTINs and GDSN data into its risk assessment methodology to facilitate compliant trade at imports and improve the targeting of hazardous products.

Key business topics: Future Efforts to Access GDSN and Allow Importers to File GTINs in Lieu of Certificate Data, CPSC's eFiling Initiative for Certificate Data and Upcoming Beta Pilot, CPSC's Risk Assessment Methodology.

Company participants: Arthur Laciak, eFiling Program Specialist; John Blachère, International Trade Specialist; Brett Layton, IT Project Manager/PMO Lead

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USDM Life Sciences

Attendees learned how to meet their Global Unique Device Identification (UDI) Regulatory Requirements (U.S. FDA Global Unique Device Identification Database [GUDID]; European Database on Medical Devices [EUDAMED]; regulations in Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, etc.). They also gained an understanding of the timing of regulations, attribute differences, and what they need to do to plan for success. Attendees also heard from those who wrote the regulations and have the experience.

Key business topics: Next Upcoming Mandatory Deadlines for Regulations Worldwide, Timing of Regulations, Attribute Differences, How To Succeed With a Global UDI Strategy

Company participant: Jay Crowley, VP, Medical Devices and UDI Practice Lead 

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US Foods 

US Foods met with trading partners and answered questions they had about the setup and maintenance of their items within the US Foods platform.

Key business topics: Master Product Data, Images, Scorecards 

Company participants: Jocelyn Cahall, Manager, Product Data Strategy; Nicole Jones, PIM Business Analyst

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Wakefern Food Corp. discussed how we can use GS1 Standards to improve the exchange of information, reduce new item setup time, and increase data quality. Experts were on hand to answer questions about Global Data Synchronization, EDI, and barcodes.

Key business topics: GDSN–Data Synchronization; Meeting Data Requirements to Ensure Data Quality, Accuracy and Completeness; EDI; FSMA 204; and barcodes

Company participants: Rebecca Nichols, Standards Architect; Jessica Hughes, Supervisor - Global Standards; Mike Durning, Manager - Digital Assets & Standards

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Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans met with our vendor partners to discuss data quality, current initiatives, and how we can partner together to reduce friction in the supply chain.

Key business topics: GDSN Item Synchronization, New Item Introduction, Accuracy and Completeness, Supplier Scorecards, Images

Company participants: Brian Becker, Master Data Manager; Cady McMaster, Master Data Coordinator

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