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GS1 Standards for Product Data Excellence Online Certificate Course

  • Is your product data as clean as it can be? Do you want to implement data governance best practices to enhance your e-commerce operations and meet consumer demands for accurate product information?Are you looking to increase package measurement accuracy to avoid unnecessary costs and to improve supply chain efficiency?

    The GS1 Standards for Product Data Excellence Online Certificate Course offers five learning modules that will help you understand the three pillars of a strong data quality program, how to leverage data governance best practices for maximum impact, and why data accuracy on a single product attribute can impact costs and efficiency and much more!

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Who Should Sign Up

If any part of your job involves creating or sharing product master data this course is for you. Either way, if the need to establish or enhance your internal data quality program is on your mind—maybe only when problems pop up, or it’s been nagging at you for years this course is for you.

Topics include:

  • Improving data quality by establishing data governance principles within your organization
  • Importance of data stewards and their role in ensuring accurate and complete product information
  • Implications of accurate physical dimensional data for streamlined business processes in a transparent supply chain

Course Outline

The GS1 Standards for Product Data Excellence Online Certificate Course includes:

  • Overview of GS1 Standards
  • Importance of Good Data Quality – A Global Perspective
  • GS1 US National Data Quality Program
  • Data Governance Essentials
  • GS1 Package Measurement Rules



Volume pricing for teams of 5, 10, 25, or 100 are also available!

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When you successfully complete a GS1 US Certificate Course, you can earn an important credential in the use of GS1 Standards. You can also add this new skill to your online resume with a GS1 US Badge and share it via social media.