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GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate Course

Course summary

Familiar with or have more than six months experience using GS1 Standards? Join us for this three-day course covering the GS1 General Specifications which is the core standards document of the GS1 System of Standards. Our team of experts will be available to answer your questions on using GS1 Standards and provide advice on how to improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs, and improve relationships with your customer and trading partners. This course covers the eight sections of the GS1 General Specifications in detail and various GS1 US® Guidelines.

After attending this session, the GS1 General Specifications will be easier to navigate and become your trusted source for implementation of the GS1 Standards.

This course will cover

  • Basics and Principles of the GS1 System of Standards
  • Application Identification (GS1 Identifiers are used to uniquely distinguish all products, trade items, logistic units, locations, assets, and relationships in the supply chain—from manufacturer to consumers)
  • GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs) allow inclusion of additional product information in a barcode, such as net weight, batch or lot number, expiration date and serial number)
  • Application Rules and Management Practices (The GS1 System has 2 types of data- Keys (which are primary identification) and attribute data (which give information about the Key). This section details how each of the Keys are allocated and what attribute data must be paired with which Key.
  • Data Carriers (barcodes and RFID tags)
  • Symbol Placement Guidelines (The GS1 System has specific rules about where to put the barcode on your package)
  • AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Validation Rules .
  • GS1 Standards Glossary of Terms

Course benefits

  • Refine your working knowledge of the GS1 General Specifications
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the GS1 US Guidelines
  • Understand how the GS1 System can improve efficiency in your supply chain
  • Learn how to effectively identify your products, locations, assets, etc., and choose correct barcodes for your application
  • Analyze the quality of your barcodes to prevent expensive mistakes

Who should attend

Any individual who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the GS1 General Specifications, which is the core standards document for the GS1 system. 



Have more questions and want to speak to a GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate Course specialist? Please call 937-428-3796 or email us at

GS1 US Badge Program - Your GS1 Standards Credentials

When you successfully complete a GS1 US Certificate Course, you can earn an important credential in the use of GS1 Standards. You can also add this new skill to your online resume with a GS1 US Badge valid for three years and share it via social media.