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Get Ready for GS1 Sunrise 2027


Whether you’re a brand owner, regulator, distributor, retailer, or consumer, we all need more of the right product data in the right place. The standard barcode, like the EAN/UPC, only holds basic product identification – and stakeholders and consumers need more. 

Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes create endless possibilities. They hold more data and provide consumers and key stakeholders with more of the information they need, when they need it.

Consumers are especially hungry for this information. In fact, according to a recent survey:

  • 77% say product information is important when making a purchase
  • 62% are willing to spend more money on a product that offers detailed product information
  • 79% are more likely to purchase products with a scannable barcode/QR code (via smartphone) that provides the additional product information

The survey revealed that nutrition, materials and ingredients, safety information, country of origin, allergens, and recall alerts were the kinds of product information most sought after by consumers.


What is Sunrise 2027?

The EAN/UPC barcode, or the one-dimensional (1D) barcode, has offered price lookup functionality for decades. However, it’s no longer keeping up with today’s growing demands for greater product information transparency, traceability, and authentication. In response, the global supply chain is moving toward two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that can carry more information.

Industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-care (POC) — referred to as Sunrise 2027. By the end of 2027, retailers would need to ensure their POS systems are equipped with scanners capable of reading both traditional barcodes and 2D barcodes. The shift has already begun with the new technology being tested in 48 countries across the world, representing 88% of the world’s GDP.

You can access the global joint industry statement here.

2D barcodes allow for a single, standardized way to meet both supply chain needs and evolving consumer requirements. The information carried by 2D barcodes can also help enable:

  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced recall readiness
  • Greater sustainability and ethical sourcing
  • Better product authentication
  • Greater brand trust
Sunrise 2027

With a single scan on a smartphone, consumers can get the information they need, like nutritional information, allergens, sustainability and sourcing data, as well as any other web engagement activities all powered by GS1 Digital Link. That same barcode can be scanned at point of sale for price lookup, at the patient bedside for medication administration, and a variety of other supply chain processes related to inventory management and recall readiness

GS1 US is helping both supply and demand-side organizations and solution providers get started with a migration path toward the "next dimension" of barcodes. Learn more about how you can prepare your organization and your scanning systems to accept 2D barcodes to help streamline your operations.

Become an Industry Leader in the Adoption of 2D Barcodes

Become an Industry Leader in the Adoption of 2D Barcodes

Ready to test drive 2D? GS1 US is ready to support retailers and brands in their transition to 2D, whether it’s for point-of-sale updates, increased consumer engagement, supply chain efficiency, or all of the above!

2-Part Workshop Series

2-Part Workshop Series

industry experts to learn about two-dimensional (2D) barcodes and how they work with other technologies to create seamless consumer experiences and supply chain efficiencies.

Get Ready for Sunrise 2027

Learn more about Sunrise 2027 and the benefits of 2D barcodes. 

GS1 Digital Link

Learn more about extending the power of GS1 identifiers by web enabling your advanced data carriers. 

Evaluate Your System, Get Your Test Kit

Assess your ability to scan 2D barcodes and collect the data encoded when gearing up for Sunrise 2027.

Barcode Capabilities Test Results

Record your results from the barcode capabilities test kit.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Getting Started Guide

Get guidance and additional resources on how to transition to 2D at point of sale.

Unlocking Benefits of GS1 DataMatrix

United States non-retail healthcare stakeholders wishing to enable capabilities offered with 2D barcodes

Success Stories

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Case Study: Fresenius Kabi

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If you need further assistance as you assess capabilities, our team is here to help. Just email Sunrise2027@gs1us.org.