A New Dimension in Barcodes

Get Ready for Sunrise 2027

The U.P.C. barcode has offered price lookup functionality for decades. However, the classic barcode is no longer keeping up with today’s growing demands for greater product information transparency, traceability, and authentication.

Thus, industry is moving toward two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that are able to carry more information. 2D barcodes allow for a single, standardized way to meet both supply chain needs and evolving consumer requirements.

The information carried by 2D barcodes can also help enable:

  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced recall readiness
  • Greater sustainability and ethical sourcing
  • Better product authentication
  • Greater brand trust

Industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale – referred to as Sunrise 2027.

GS1 US is helping both supply- and demand-side organizations and solution providers get started with a migration path toward the "next dimension" of barcodes.

Evaluate Your System, Get Your Test Kit

GS1 US has created a resource to help you test your systems’ capabilities when gearing up for Sunrise 2027. The GS1 US Barcode Capabilities Test Kit allows you to assess your ability to scan 2D barcodes and collect the data encoded. Instructions are included in your test kit, and the Sunrise 2027 team is here to assist you with any questions.

"The way in which we interact with products has changed – and technology has to keep up. Sunrise 2027 will allow industries to move toward a single, standardized barcode that will create efficiencies for businesses and trading partners as well as increase consumer engagement and satisfaction."
- Gena Morgan, Vice President of Standards, GS1 US

If you need further assistance as you assess capabilities, our team is here to help. Just email Sunrise2027@gs1us.org.