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Verified by GS1 for Brand Owners

Brand owners who want their data to be accurate can rely on GS1 US Data Hub to meet requirements for Verified by GS1


Step by Step

  • Create and manage GTINs in GS1 US Data Hub® with basic product attributes
  • If you have licensed a company prefix or GTIN from GS1 US, you have a free single user subscription to GS1 US Data Hub to create and manage product data.
  • Make sure your products have complete and accurate product data for:
    • GTIN
    • Brand name
    • Product description
    • Product image URL
    • Global product classification (GPC)
    • Net content & unit of measure
    • Country of sale/Target market
VBG Card
  • Ensure updates are shared with your data pool and catalog partners
  • Ensure your active GTINs are properly structured with a valid GS1 Company Prefix licensed to your company and in accordance with the GTIN Management Standard
  • Ensure all your product identifiers (GTINs) are unique, taking into account that product variations such as size and formulation require different GTINs
  • Ensure your products are listed with basic attributes that are considered foundational to quality product data


  • Maintain and increase brand integrity
  • Enable proper construction and global registration of GTINs
  • Minimize GTIN misuse
  • Increase data transparency to help combat and reduce counterfeits
  • Improve overall trading partner collaboration
  • Increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Improve overall customer experience and trust

Need help? See tools and resources below or email us at verify@gs1us.org


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