UPC Barcodes & Prefixes

GS1 US Channel Partner Program 

UPC Barcodes Now Available Through Our Qualified Partners

The GS1 US Channel Partner Program is designed to enable wider access to UPC barcodes and the essential identification numbers associated with them, including single GS1 US Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and any identifiers that can be created with a GS1 Company Prefix.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Grow and scale using verifiable, authentic GS1® product identification numbers.
  • Work under the guidance of our qualified partner companies to meet retailer and marketplace requirements for barcoding and fulfillment.
  • Avoid issues associated with non-GS1 identifiers that cannot be verified or do not match your company’s name.
  • Support regulatory requirements for food, medical device, and pharmaceutical traceability.
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GS1 Is Trusted

Having a GS1-issued GTIN® for each product, style, or variation is a key part of any retail growth plan. It enables long-term supply chain efficiency and ensures your product is accepted around the world. GS1 is the global authority for the unique identification of products, and it facilitated the original industry collaboration that led to the barcode's invention 50 years ago. Now, partners can share that trusted reputation with you and help you set up your supply chain foundation according to GS1 Standards.

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Market

More retailers and marketplaces are requiring GTINs that are linked directly to the brand owner, and only GTINs issued by GS1 can demonstrate this link when trading partners check the GS1 Database. GS1-issued identifiers also come with a GS1 certificate, which may be helpful for clearing up any ownership issues with your product listing or for getting set up with a logistics provider. Plus, 72% of retail sales in 2024 are expected to happen in stores (according to Capital One® data), underscoring the need for today's brands to ensure their products are set up for multi-channel sales.

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